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Oberon Update - Oberon Update Hotfix #1, #2, and #3
Date 20 March 2019
Version 1.14.379
Revision 138841
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Version 1.13.369.137757 Version 1.14.379.139329
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Hidden Entrances, Randomized Dungeons, and Dungeon Maps

Hidden Entrances now spawn throughout the open world, and can be discovered either through exploration or by using a Dungeon Map. They lead to Randomized Dungeons, which are procedurally generated 5-person dungeons that have entirely unpredictable structures and varying numbers of levels.

New Creatures, Chests, Shrines, and Drops

Randomized Dungeons offer new enemies of various faction types, from low-level mobs to legendary bosses. Chests in these dungeons are shielded by nearby mobs and opened by channeling. Shrines, also unlocked by defeating mobs, offer brief but powerful whole-party buffs. All open-world roaming mobs now have a chance to drop fragment loot (runes, souls and relics), which, along with crafting and transmutation improvements (see below), offer new economic possibilities.

Customizable Graphical Settings

With this update, graphical settings are now entirely customizable via the Video Settings menu. Additionally, new Ultra options have been added, including:

  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing
  • Anisotropic Texture Filtering
  • Bloom
  • Shadow Distance, Resolution, and Cascades

New Tutorial

Oberon brings a brand-new tutorial to better introduce new players to the game. It takes place in its own dedicated instance, after which players enter the main Albion gameworld.

QoL Updates

Oberon brings various quality-of-life improvements, including long-requested improvements to transmutation and crafting times (see "Changes" below"), the ability to mute up to 150 players, whisper limits to prevent spam, a clearer ingame display of current offers and prices, and improved UI feedback.


  • Optimized client performance by streamlining Character Nametags, Mob Health Bars, and Mob Danger Icons - will be further expanded in future patches
  • Reduced crafting times for artifacts, as well as transmutation times (see "Transmutation and Crafting Changes" below)
  • Changed Tomes of Insight to be useable from inventory (instead of the potion slot), and improved the description text
  • Optimized performance for numerous spells and combat actions
  • Visual effects now show stack count for the following spells:
    • Rejuvenation (Nature Staff)
    • Vile Curse (Cursed Staff)
    • Rending Strike (Axes)
  • Audio improvements:
    • Reworked dungeon ambience
    • Added/reworked sounds for mobs
    • Added audio for food consumables
    • Added/redesigned voiceover for Vanity Merchant and Earthmother


Patch and Hotfix Numbering

  • Beginning with the Oberon update, the numbering system for patches and hotfixes will be standardized, with hotfixes numbered according to the preceding patch. (Example: Oberon Patch 1, Oberon Patch 2, Oberon Hotfix 2.01, Oberon Patch 3, etc.)

Reworked Fame Values, Gear Unlock, and Related Changes

  • In order to unlock gathering and combat gear sooner, the overall Fame earned from killing mobs and gathering has been increased, with relative increases and decreases also applied to specializations, journals, and certain zones and instances. For a complete list of these important changes, please see this forum post.

Starter Towns Merged

  • With Oberon, the two starter towns of each biome (ending with "Cross" or "Outpost") will be merged. For more info, click here.

PVE Combat Changes

Faction Bosses

  • Faction Bosses have been rebalanced to make them more viable for smaller groups, while staying more or less the same for bigger groups. For a detailed list of changes, please see this forum post.

General Mob Updates

  • Reduced aggro range of most mobs from 8m to 6m
  • Reduced pursuit range of most Veteran and Elite mobs from 60m to 40m
  • Reduced drop chance of Hardcore Expedition maps
  • Mobs now drop loot up to two tiers above their own
  • Added materials loot (runes, souls, relics) and faction capes to roaming mob loot

Undead Mobs

  • Soldier's Frenzy channeling time reduced by about 30%
  • Soldier's Frenzy cooldown time reduced by about 30%
  • Skeleton health reduced by 20%

Morgana Mobs

  • Crossbowman's Suppression Fire channeling time reduced by about 30%
  • Crossbowman's Suppression Fire cooldown time reduced by about 30%

Keeper Mobs

  • Druid, Knifelings, Axethrower attack range: 11m → 15m
  • Earthmother fight has been reworked

Heretic Mobs

  • Non-veteran Bouncers use their Shield spell at 20% health (was 50%)
  • Weaponsmaster's attack range increased to 25m (was 15m)
  • Pyromaniac's Firecone spell now does a full rotation

Dungeon Changes

  • Logout time: 60s → 300s
  • Invulnerability:
    • Now breaks after 10s or after moving 10m from spawn point, whichever comes first
    • No longer invulnerable when logging in inside a dungeon

Resource Changes

  • Increased average respawn time of T6 resources from 5357 seconds to 10000 seconds. This should reduce the flow of T6 resources into the game, compensating for the additional T6 sources added with Guardians and Guardian Aspects.
  • Decreased harvest time for resources from critter corpses (Rock Elementals, Ore Elementals, Forest Spirits, Dryads, Cougars) by 50% to make them more attractive for gatherers
  • Outlands resource hotspots: added more T8 and T7 resources, replaced T5 critter mobs with T7

Transmutation and Crafting Changes

  • Reduced crafting times for artifacts by 80% and for arcane essences, runes, souls & relics by 99%
  • Replaced the ability to transmute 20 runes/souls into a single soul/relic with the ability to transmute a single rune/soul into a single soul/relic with a Silver cost
  • Rebalanced raw resource transmutation costs

For a complete breakdown of these new transmutation values, please see this forum post.

Runes, Souls & Relics

  • Drop chances for runes, souls and relics have been changed:
    • Every mob can now drop every Tier (T4 up to T8)
    • Ratio between Tiers is now 324/162/54/6/1 (T4/T5/T6/T7/T8)
    • Ratio between Types was changed from 100/10/1 to 9/3/1 (runes/souls/relics)

Artifact drops from Bosses

  • Ratio between artifact levels have been changed from 100/10/1 to 9/3/1

Other Changes and Additions

  • Added 8 new Achievements
  • Opening the world map in an instanced cluster (Randomized Dungeon, Hellgate, etc.) now indicates the host cluster of the instance
  • Tomes of Insight no longer benefit from Fame buffs (Mists of Albion, etc.)
  • In preparation for the GvG Season 6 portal change, Royal Cities now have their Bank and Marketplace in separate clusters within the city (like Caerleon)
  • Crafted items are no longer auto-equipped, and will always go to free inventory slots
  • To prevent chat spam, a 30-second cooldown has been placed on messages sent through /trade, /recruit, and /LFGroup

Combat Balance Changes

Player Execution

  • Cast Time: 1s → 1.5s
  • Taking damage now cancels this cast
  • You can no longer execute players while silenced


  • Item Power Softcap: 800 → 700


  • Sticky Potions:
    • Now also reveal invisible enemies
    • Range: 11m → 13m
    • Cooldown: 150s → 120s


  • Scent of the Wilderness (Skinner Workboots):
    • Cooldown: 60s → 180s
    • The ability now counts as invisibility, meaning the buff can be removed by invisibility-revealing effects


  • The strength curve of the Healing Sickness debuff is now steeper: 2 healers healing the same target now have their effect reduced by 26% instead of 14%


  • Fixed ambient sounds for dungeons, cities, and torches/fires
  • Transmuting runes, souls and relics no longer awards Fame
  • Fixed a bug with zoning after getting up from knockdown: players in an exit area will now zone immediately after getting up, and no longer have to leave exit area and re-enter it to zone
  • Fixed an issue where mob spell indicators would sometimes change direction
  • Fixed a bug where the screen would turn black momentarily when a character was hit by a knockback spell
  • Numerous additional visual, animation, audio, terrain, and localization fixes

Hotfix #1 - 20 March 2019

  • Fixed an issue where an NPC in the tutorial would go broke and players couldn't move past that stage of the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the city marketplaces have somehow forgotten that they are supposed to buy luxury goods.
  • Fixed a bug where the duel ring effects kept providing a lightshow after a character logout.

Oberon Hotfix #2 - Ver. 1.14.379 / REV 138749 - 21 March 2019

  • Fixed an issue where cancelling a channeling spell would irritate the server
  • Fixed a bug that would display a wrong map background when using the world map in a random dungeon (what are you looking at that anyways?)
  • Fixed an issue where disappearing name plates could lead to identity crisis

Oberon Hotfix #3 - Ver. 1.14.379 / REV 139069 - 22 March 2019

  • Fixed an issue that would make your client take a nap while loading or zoning - resulting in a black screen