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Lands Awakened Patch 5
Date 09 February 2022
Version 19.050.1
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Version 19.040.1 Version 19.060.1
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  • Logout countdown in yellow zones: 60s → 10s
  • Resurrect spells are now limited to a 10-second time period during which the knocked-down player must accept, or the spell is cancelled
  • Added furniture blockers to boss areas in World Boss zones to prevent use of furniture in boss fights
  • Guardians and Aspects, as well as Gate Cores in Avalonian Dungeons, now choose a new target instead of resetting when the current target runs away
  • Added new Mountain and Steppe Energy Vortex variants to better integrate them visually with their environments
  • Resource Mob changes to streamline gathering:
    • Dryads, Ents, and Mistcougars ("Lacerate" ability only) now cancel their damage-over-time effects on death to enable instant resource gathering
    • Mistcougar "Pounce" spell: replaced damage-over-time effect with Stun

Combat Balance Changes

War Gloves

  • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
    • Damage vs. Plate Armor: 450 → 380


  • Fixed an issue where the chain sound of the Demonic Slaver (Hellgates / Corrupted Dungeons) would loop endlessly
  • Fixed an issue where Tier 6 Crystal Spiders (rather than Tier 7) spawned in Tier 7 zones
  • Fixed an issue where auto-respec could only be toggled while character was idle
  • Fixed an issue where Throwing Blades (Daggers) could hit target more than once when target and projectiles were moving in the same direction
  • Create Opening (War Gloves) now decreases magic resistances of target as well as physical resistances
  • Celestial Sphere (Redemption Staff) tooltip now displays the correct Healing increase
  • Whirlwind (Greataxe) now displays the correct damage increase per hit
  • Item Durability in Kill/Death Details UI now displays correctly
  • (Mobile) Fixed an issue where character or guild details would not open from Rankings UI
  • Various additional graphical, terrain, UI, audio, and localization fixes