Winter Bear Cub

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Winter Bear Cub can be placed in a kennel plot to grow Tame Winter Bear which can be crafted into Saddled Winter Bear.

They can be purchased for 3,000 Fort Sterling faction points from the Fort Sterling faction NPC once a player has earned 120,000 Fort Sterling faction standing. Alternatively, it can be purchased through the market.

Item Information

Name Winter Bear Cub
Description Placed in a Kennel - Grows into a Tame Winter Bear, which can be used to craft a Saddled Winter Bear mount.
Animal Breeder Level 10
Tier 5
Item Value 0
Weight 1.5kg
Grow Time (Premium) 5d 20h
Daily Nurture Bonus +10% offspring yield
Daily Nurture Cost 1000 Focus
Space Required 36 m²
Diet meat
Offspring Yield 0%