ZvZ Mechanics

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Introduction to ZvZ

In Albion, much of the open world content requires you to group up. For some content, Guilds and Alliances like to gather large masses of players (10++ per side) to have large scale fights over content.

Some of the most common forms of Zerg activity include Mage Raiding, Dungeon Diving, Castle Sieges, City Sieges, War Camps and Large Group Dungeons.

ZvZ, short for Zerg vs Zerg is when two or more of these large groups collide.

Positioning, Cooldown Rotation, Damage Trading, Team Composition and Skill are what make ZvZing such intensive activities.

Damage Scaling

Albion has a built-in protection system for players who are outnumbered. This protection comes in the form of Focus Fire - a damage-reduction factor that kicks in when you are attacked by multiple opponents, based on:

  • the number of players attacking you, and
  • whether they are attacking with melee or ranged weapons

When two melee opponents are attacking you, the damage you receive is reduced by 14%. If you are attacked by three melee players, the damage is reduced by 25%. The progression continues as shown in the chart below.

The same mechanic is applied when you are attacked by ranged opponents, however, the damage reduction isn’t as severe. You can see the full damage reduction values below.

Amount of Players Melee Damage Reduction Ranged Damage Reduction
1 0 0
2 14 8
3 25 16
4 34 22
5 41 28
5 48 34
6 53 38
7 58 42
8 61 46
9 65 50
10 67 53
11 70 56
12 72 58
13 74 60
14 76 63
15 76 65
16 76 66
17 76 68
18 76 69
19 76 69
20 76 71
21 76 72
22 76 73
23 76 74
24 76 75
25 76 76
26 76 77
27 76 78
28 76 79
29 76 79
30 76 80
Bridge Choke: Many dungeons and maps throughout Albion have bridges. These are prime locations to use as choke points, extra advantage if you're coming in from the south for the viewing angle. Most of the time there is flat ground on either side. These offer advantages for those who can blast CCed opponents in the middle, as well as those who make it past the choke into the groups of cloth users. Be wary of over extending when fighting in positions like this as healers frequently do no go past the opening of the choke point.


Most Guilds and Alliances have designated shotcallers, whom, over voice chat, will direct the entire fight. Calling where to move, when to engage, when to disengage, and the overall positioning of the fight. It is incredibly important to listen to the shotcaller, 10 players united can be much stronger than 20-man chaos.

Typically the shotcaller(s) and the healers will do all the talking during a fight.


One of the most important factors when working with such large groups, is how they are positioned. Because players typically bring lots of AoE equipment to these encounters, battles tend to be fought around choke points, higher ground and obstacles. It is always important not to clump up and be susceptible to AoE hitting to many of you, putting strain on the healers. Different positions offer different advantages, and different opportunities to engage your enemy.

Doorway/Wall Choke: Territories and random map walls often have doorways leading through them. For teams defending a territory, this position offers an easy point to hold the opponents at, giving you ample time to react accordingly to an enemy team coming through. Attacking teams will benefit from higher ground on the outside allowing them a better viewing angle to get AoEs in over the wall. It is very important to stay away from the walls as you become susceptible to enemy fire.

Engaging the Enemy

The initial engagement of the fight is often this biggest, involving the most cooldowns being used at once. Engages are typically started by the shotcaller, and involve the tanks unloading their CC onto the front and middle lines of the enemy team, in order to give your own offensive line a chance to jump in unimpeded.

  • Engaging Cooldowns

Grovekeeper: AoE Stun with Splash Damage

Heavy Mace: AoE Snare with follow up Silence

Morning Star: AoE Stun with follow up Snare

Great Hammer: Dash with a Stun

Ironclad: Knockback enemy players into bad position

SoulScythe: AoE Knockup and Slow

Camlann: AoE Pull with follow up Snare

Once one or more of these offensive utilities has been used, then is the best opportunity to engage on the enemy.

Higher Ground: Higher ground always offers an important advantage in Albion online. The way the camera is positioned above your character means you will always be able to see further into the battlefield from a higher vantage point. There are also some interesting casting mechanics that make skills feel like they go further.

Defensive cooldowns

When fighting in a ZvZ, the defensive CD are really useful. They will help you to disengage, stay alive or to go further to place you dps / crowd control.

  • Helmets : Many spells placed on the helmets will help you during the battle.
    • Knight helmet : Displacement immunity
      • With this spell, you will be immune to displacement spells such as soulscythe E spell ; knight armor wind wall, or the mace air compressor. This spell will allow you and up to 5 close allies able to ignore these spells, it wil be harder for your opponents to interrupt or kill you.
    • Mercenary helmet : Cleanse
      • When activated this spell will ''cleanse'' all the negative effects on you (stuns, dots . . .). It's very useful for you and your close allies, if a tank stuns you, you will be able to cleanse the stun and run away before the enemy dps fall on you.
    • Soldier helmet : Block
      • This spell is only useful to one guy, you. You will be invincible during 2 seconds, you can move but you can't cast spells during this period. It's often used by the melee dps to give them a little bit more chance to survive.
  • Armors : They can give various spells that will help you.
    • Judicator armor : Force shield
      • This armor is a really expensive item because it is rare and extremely useful. The spell ''Force shield'' will create a large bubble on the ground giving more resistances and increasing the healing received for up to 10 allies. This spell will help you allies to survive the enemy engage or counter engage.
    • Cleric robe : Everlasting spirit
      • If you receive damages while you activated this spell you will be immune to incoming damages during 2 seconds and your damages will be increased by 30%. This spell is the most used spell by the ranged damage dealers. It gives a great survavibility when your enemies are engaging you. Also it will enable you to go further into your enemies to place your DPS.
    • Knight Armor : Wind wall
      • This spell isn't often used, but you may see it on the battle field. It will create a wind wall on the ground pushing back the enemies trying to go trough it. It might help to to hold a choke and will create some extra defenses when you'll try to kite back.
  • Boots : All the movement spells on the boots are good, but some of them are better :
    • Scholar sandals : Focused run
      • This spell will increase your movement speed by 100% during 5 seconds and you will be immune to movement impairing effects. This spell is a must have, it will allow you to place your dps without problems, but also to fly away without being worried of the movement impairing.
    • Assassin shoes : Dodge
      • This spell is a great spell to dodge the enemy spells, because it gives a little dash (one or two meters) with an immune, after you will get a little movement speed buff. This spell is great to avoid the enemy bombing squad and stuns, it has a short CD as well.
      • Knight boots : Shield charge
        • You can dash to a close ally or enemy, if it's an ally it will give you and your close allies a great shield. This spell is almost never seen, but you might see it on a support player (arcane). It can absorb a good amount of damages.

These spells will help you to survive while fighting in a ZvZ, but don't forget, they might save your life but the better way to be safe is to have a good positioning.