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Accessories are equipable items, coming in two varieties:

  • Bags: used to increase the carrying capacity of the player
  • Capes:
    • Standard Capes: Increasing various stats, the same as any other armor piece
    • Faction Capes: Increasing various stats, and having a unique, combat-related passive ability
    • Special Capes: Cosmetic items, some of them having a unique, non-combat-related passive ability
    • Banners: Purely cosmetic items


Accessories can be obtained in different ways, depending on the type:

Accessories can also be bought from the Marketplace or the Black Market in some cases.


Accessories can be crafted at the appropriate tier Toolmaker, using Leather and Cloth.

List of Accessories

  Novice's Bag
  Journeyman's Bag
  Adept's Bag
  Expert's Bag
  Master's Bag
  Grandmaster's Bag
  Elder's Bag
Standard Capes
  Novice's Cape
  Journeyman's Cape
  Adept's Cape
  Expert's Cape
  Master's Cape
  Grandmaster's Cape
  Elder's Cape
Faction Capes
  Caerleon Cape
  Bridgewatch Cape
  Fort Sterling Cape
  Lymhurst Cape
  Martlock Cape
  Thetford Cape
  Demon Cape
  Heretic Cape
  Keeper Cape
  Morgana Cape
  Undead Cape
Special Capes
  Recruiter's Cape
  Riuros Cape
  Master of Bats Cape
  Recruiter's Cape - Toad
  Recruiter's Cape - Rottweiler
  Recruiter's Tiger Cape
  Recruiter's Fur Cape
  Recruiter's Grey Wolf Cape
  Legendary Explorer's Cloak
  Legendary Adventurer's Cloak
  Arena Veteran's Cape
  Groom Cape
  Ragged Cape
  Ragged Undead Cape
  Recruiter's Banner
  Ogronios Banner
  Recruiter's Banner
  Arena Veteran's Small Banner
  Arena Veteran's Medium Banner
  Arena Veteran's Large Banner