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Achievements may be obtained by playing the game and performing a number of actions that meet the Achievement requirements. All Achievements may be viewed in-game via the Player Menu and are not alphabetically ordered but in the sequence of accomplishment.

List of Achievements

Icon Achievement Achievement Type Description
Adept Crafter Icon.png Adept Crafter Crafting Unlock any Tier 4 Crafting Profession.
Gathering is not a game! It's war! Icon.png Adept Gatherer Gathering Unlock any Tier 4 Gathering Profession.
All Your Base are Belong to Us Icon.png All Your Base are Belong to Us PvE Participate in a successful attack on a territory.
Alone No Longer Icon.png Alone No Longer General Gameplay Add a friend to your friend list.
And stay down! Icon.png And Stay Down! PvE Kill 1000 Undead mobs.
Beginner Crafter Icon.png Beginner Crafter Crafting Craft Items worth 10,000 fame.
Big Game Hunter Icon.png Big Game Hunter Gathering Kill a Guardian Aspect from every biome.
Blood and Sand Icon.png Blood and Sand PvE Win your first Arena match.
Cast Away Icon.png Cast Away General Gameplay Complete the tutorial.
Chest Rat PvE Unlock 100 chests with your party in group randomized dungeons.
Chug! Chug! Chug! Icon.png Chug! Chug! Chug! General Gameplay Use any 100 potions.
Critter Killer Icon.png Critter Killer PvE Kill 100 Tier 1 mobs of any kind.
Crystal Realm Chronicles Icon.png Crystal Realm Chronicles PvP Participate in a Crystal Realm Battle.
Defeating Death Itself Icon.png Defeating Death Itself PvE Kill the Undead Harvester.
Determined Icon.png Determined Gathering Gather resources worth 100,000 fame.
Die, Die, Die My Darling! Icon.png Die, Die, Die My Darling! PvE Gain 10,000,000 Fame from killing mobs.
Elder Crafter Icon.png Elder Crafter Crafting Unlock any Tier 8 Crafting Profession.
Elder Gatherer Icon.png Elder Gatherer Gathering Unlock any Tier 8 Gathering Profession.
Emotional Icon.png Emotional General Gameplay Use every emote in the game. (Hint: there are currently 12)
Entrepreneur Icon.png Entrepreneur Economy Earn a total of 100,000 Silver through the Marketplace.
Expedition? What's an Expedition? Icon.png Expedition? What's an Expedition? PvE Successfully finish an Expedition.
Expedition Veteran Icon.png Expedition Veteran PvE Successfully finish every non-hardcore Expedition.
First Blood! Icon.png First Blood! PvP Kill or assist a kill in PvP.
Fishing for Compliments Icon.png Fishing for Compliments Gathering Catch your first fish.
Fishing for More Compliments Icon.png Fishing for More Compliments Gathering Gather fish worth 10,000 fame.
Frontier Justice Icon.png Frontier Justice Faction Capture 10 Outposts.
Gathering is not a game! It's war! Icon.png Gathering is Not a Game! It's War! Gathering Gather resources worth 1,000,000 fame.
Get off my lawn! Icon.png Get Off My Lawn! Faction Capture an Outpost.
Give me your clothes, your boots and your mount... Icon.png Give Me Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Mount... PvP Loot any armor, footgear and a mount from a killed player at the same time.
Blood and Sand Icon.png Gladiator PvP Win 100 Arena matches.
Grand Merchant Icon.png Grand Merchant Economy Earn a total of 1,000,000 Silver through the Marketplace.
Happy Workforce Icon.png Happy Workforce Island Send a Laborer with maxed-out Happiness on a mission.
Hardworking Crafter Icon.png Hardworking Crafter Crafting Craft Items worth 100,000 fame.
Harmless Person.png Harmless Person PvE Reach the first positive reputation level.
Highway to Hell Icon.png Highway to Hell PvP Enter a Hellgate.
Horsin' Around Icon.png Horsin' Around Crafting Raise a horse.
Industrious Crafter Icon.png Industrious Crafter Crafting Craft Items worth 1,000,000 fame.
Into the Unknown Icon.png Into the Unknown PvE Enter a Randomized Dungeon.
Irons in the Fire Icon.png Irons in the Fire Faction Join each of the five City Factions at least once.
It's dark in here... Icon.png It's Dark in Here… General Gameplay Enter a black zone.
It's not a phase, mom! Icon.png It's Not a Phase, Mom! General Gameplay Unlock all Tier 4 weapons and offhands.
Jack of All Trades Icon.png Jack of All Trades General Gameplay Unlock everything in Tier 4.
Just a Trim Please General Gameplay Unlock any customization option.
Killing is... fun? Icon.png Killing is… Fun? PvE Gain 100,000 Fame from killing mobs.
Like a Boss General Gameplay Have 5000 Health at any point in time.
Long Live the King! Icon.png Long Live the King! PvE Kill the Morgana Demon Prince.
Look at My Horse, My Horse is Amazing! General Gameplay Apply any Mount
Lost my Chest-ity General Gameplay Unlock your first chest in any kind of randomized dungeon.
Master Crafter Icon.png Master Crafter Crafting Unlock any Tier 6 Crafting Profession.
Determined Icon.png Master Gatherer Gathering Unlock any Tier 6 Gathering Profession.
Mind If I Roll Need? PvE Unlock 10 chests with your party in group randomized dungeons.
M-m-m-monster Kill! Icon.png M-m-m-Monster Kill! PvP Kill 6 players within one minute.
Model Citizen Icon.png Model Citizen PvE Reach maximum reputation.
More Fun Together General Gameplay Create or join a guild.
More-ganna die Icon.png More-Ganna Die PvE Kill 1000 Morgana mobs.
My Epic Farm Icon.png My Epic Farm Island Farm crops worth 1,000,000 fame.
My Home is my Castle Icon.png My Home is My Castle Island Upgrade a house on your island to Tier 8.
My Home is my Shack Icon.png My Home is My Shack Island Build a house on your island.
My Little Farm Icon.png My Little Farm Island Farm your first crop.
My Precious! PvE Unlock 10 chests in solo randomized dungeons.
My Sanctuary Icon.png My Sanctuary Island Get your very own island.
My sanctuary. Complete. Icon.png My Sanctuary. Complete. Island Upgrade your island to the maximum of 6/6.
Napoleon Complex Icon.png Napoleon Complex Faction Capture 100 Outposts.
New Sheriff in Town Icon.png New Sheriff in Town Faction Defeat all five City Faction Warmasters.
No one expects the Inquisition! Icon.png No One Expects the Inquisition! PvE Kill 1000 Heretic mobs.
Not creepy at all! Icon.png Not Creepy at All! General Gameplay Inspect 100 players.
One Year of Service Icon.png One Year of Service General Gameplay Be part of Albion for one year.
Partisan Icon.png Partisan Faction Achieve maximum standing with any faction.
Party Time! Icon.png Party Time! General Gameplay Use the Party Finder to form or join a party.
Recycle Icon.png Recycle PvE Kill 1000 Keeper mobs.
Safe Passage Icon.png Safe Passage Faction Finish a Trade Mission for any city.
Salvaging Icon.png Salvaging Crafting Salvage an item.
Seasoned Farmer Icon.png Seasoned Farmer Island Farm crops worth 100,000 fame.
Long Live the King! Icon.png Seen It All PvE Kill the legendary Morgana Demon General, Keeper Earth Aspirant, Undead Reaper, and Heretic Shadowmask.
Shared Workload Icon.png Shared Workload Island Employ any kind of Laborer.
Silver Millionaire Icon.png Silver Millionaire Economy Have a character that owns a million silver.
Smuggler Icon.png Smuggler Economy Sell any item on the Black Market in Caerleon.
Sold! Icon.png Sold! Economy Sell any item through the Marketplace.
Studious Crafter Icon.png Studious Crafter Crafting Study an item.
That's a start Icon.png That's a Start PvE Gain 1,000 Fame from killing mobs.
That's a start Icon.png That Wasn't So Hard… PvE Successfully finish any Hardcore Expedition.
Thief- The Gathering Project Icon.png Thief: The Gathering Project Gathering Gather any Tier 8 resource in enemy territory.
This. Is. Albion! Icon.png This. Is. Albion! PvP Kill 300 players in the open world.
This looks interesting! Icon.png This Looks Interesting! Gathering Gather resources worth 10,000 fame.
Tomb Raider Icon.png Tomb Raider PvE Enter 1,000 Randomized Dungeons.
Tonight We Dine in Hell! Icon.png Tonight We Dine in Hell! PvE Defeat a Hellgate Boss.
Tourist Icon.png Tourist General Gameplay Visit every player city.
Treasure Hunter PvE Unlock 100 chests in solo randomized dungeons.
Turn it up to 11! Icon.png Turn It Up to 11! General Gameplay Overcharge one or more equipped items.
Tycoon Icon.png Tycoon Economy Earn a total of 10,000,000 Silver through the Marketplace.
Wanted Dead! Not Alive! Icon.png Wanted Dead! Not Alive! PvP Reach minimum reputation.
WE. NEED. YOU. Icon.png WE. NEED. YOU. Faction Join any of the five City Factions.
Welcome to Albion Icon.png Welcome to Albion PvP Get killed by another player.
Whatever Floats Your Boat Icon.png Whatever Floats Your Boat General Gameplay Fix Captain Tia's ship.
Wolf Amongst Sheep Icon.png Wolf Amongst Sheep General Gameplay Ride a Direwolf.
Work, Work! Icon.png Work, Work! Crafting Craft items worth 10,000,000 fame.
Yo mama is so big... Icon.png Yo Mama is So Big… PvE Kill the Keeper Earthmother.
You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Icon.png You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Gathering Gather fish worth 1,000,000 fame.
Your very own indentured servant! Icon.png Your Very Own indentured Servant! Island Have a Tier 8 Laborer and send them on a mission.