Adept's Spiked Gauntlets

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Adept's Spiked Gauntlets

Equipment Item
6.8 kg
Item value

General Information

The Adept's Spiked Gauntlets is a Tier 4 War Gloves which may be obtained by crafting or via the Market Place.

There are three options for the Q spell slot: Create Opening (First) and Dragon Leap (First) and Fleet Footwork (First)

There are two options for the W spell slot: Triple Kick (Second) and Backhand Strike (Second)

There is one option for the E spell slot: Gravitational Collapse (Third)

There are three options for the passive slot: Aggressive Burst (Passive), Rage (Passive), and Rushdown (Passive)

The Adept's Spiked Gauntlets may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Adept's Spiked Gauntlets Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Adept's Spiked Gauntlets, players will need the following materials:

Tier 4.0 Spiked Gauntlets Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Worked Leather 20
  Steel Bar 12
Produces 1 x   Adept's Spiked Gauntlets
Tier 4.1 Spiked Gauntlets Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Uncommon Worked Leather 20
  Uncommon Steel Bar 12
Produces 1 x   Adept's Spiked Gauntlets
Tier 4.2 Spiked Gauntlets Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Rare Worked Leather 20
  Rare Steel Bar 12
Produces 1 x   Adept's Spiked Gauntlets
Tier 4.3 Spiked Gauntlets Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Exceptional Worked Leather 20
  Exceptional Steel Bar 12
Produces 1 x   Adept's Spiked Gauntlets


Adept's Spiked Gauntlets
Item Quality Tier Item Power Physical damage Resilience penetration Max Hit Points Hit Points Regeneration(Bonus) DPS
Normal 4.0 700 33 60% 75 5/s 83/s
Good 4.0 720 34 60% 76 5/s 85/s
Outstanding 4.0 740 34 60% 77 5/s 86/s
Excellent 4.0 760 35 60% 78 5/s 88/s
Masterpiece 4.0 800 36 60% 80 5/s 91/s
Normal 4.1 800 36 60% 80 5/s 91/s
Good 4.1 820 37 60% 81 5/s 92/s
Outstanding 4.1 840 38 60% 82 5/s 94/s
Excellent 4.1 860 38 60% 83 5/s 96/s
Masterpiece 4.1 900 40 60% 84 5/s 99/s
Normal 4.2 900 40 60% 84 5/s 99/s
Good 4.2 920 40 60% 85 5/s 101/s
Outstanding 4.2 940 41 60% 86 5/s 103/s
Excellent 4.2 960 42 60% 87 5/s 105/s
Masterpiece 4.2 1000 43 60% 90 5/s 108/s
Normal 4.3 1000 43 60% 90 5/s 108/s
Good 4.3 1020 44 60% 91 5/s 110/s
Outstanding 4.3 1040 45 60% 92 5/s 112/s
Excellent 4.3 1060 46 60% 93 5/s 114/s
Masterpiece 4.3 1100 47 60% 95 5/s 118/s
Normal 4.4 1100 47 60% 95 5/s 118/s
Good 4.4 1120 48 60% 96 5/s 120/s
Outstanding 4.4 1140 49 60% 97 5/s 122/s
Excellent 4.4 1160 50 60% 98 5/s 125/s
Masterpiece 4.4 1200 52 60% 101 5/s 129/s

Additional War Gloves Families

Families are split at tier 4 and above.

War Gloves Weapon Families

Additional Tiers of Spiked Gauntlets

Tiers of Spiked Gauntlets


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
1 December 2022Beyond the Veil Patch 1
  • Triple Kick (all War Gloves)
    • Cooldown: 15s → 18s
  • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers)
    • Range: 15m → 13m
21 November 2022Beyond the Veil UpdateTo make Backhand Strike more useful, it now knocks all enemies hit in the direction of the cast, rather than randomly scattering them.
  • Backhand Strike (all War Gloves):
    • Enemies are now all knocked in the same direction
5 July 2022Into the Fray Patch 2 (+ Living Legends Event)War Gloves
  • Fleet Footwork (all War Gloves)
    • Using the Dash follow-up now costs 4 energy
8 June 2022Into the Fray UpdateFleet Footwork's second ability had been too situational to be reliably useful, and the reduced damage output for using it once was a big drawback. To make it more effective and fun to use, it is now a ground target dash that provides an auto-attack damage buff. This buff ensures that damage output doesn’t drop too much when using the second ability. Spiked Gauntlets had been too oppressive in large scale fights when stacked. To discourage this stacking, enemies can only be hit once per second by the effect. Ravenstrike Cestus had also been dominant in large scale fights, so its damage output has been reduced to offset the often high AoE Escalation due to its large radius.
  • Fleet Footwork (all War Gloves):
    • Kick:
      • Step can now always be used as a follow-up, even without hitting an enemy first
      • Damage: 50 → 64
      • Slightly increased Hitbox
    • Step:
      • Range: 5m → 7m
      • No longer requires a target; it is instead a ground target Dash
      • Increases Attack Damage by 100% for 5s
      • Removed the Damage Reduction during the quick Step animation
  • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
    • Enemies hit become immune to being hit by another Gravitational Collapse for 1s
  • Earth Crusher (Ravenstrike Cestus):
    • 0 Charge Damage: 188 → 160
    • 1 Charge Damage: 200 → 170
    • 2 Charge Damage: 212 → 180
    • 3 Charge Damage: 224 → 190
25 April 2022Lands Awakened Patch 8As Fists of Avalon had struggled to find their role in the game, Purifying Combo has been adjusted. The Roundhouse Kick at the beginning has been removed, and the ability instead begins with the Dive Kick. This has less cooldown and keeps the enemy airborne longer, making it easier to follow up with Purifying Fist. To make the full combo even more impactful, the last hit now also purges enemy buffs on impact, removing defensive buffs before the damage is dealt.

Cross Step is another ability in the War Glove kit that hadn’t really found its place. It has therefore been reworked into a new ability called Fleet Footwork. The new ability starts with the Roundhouse Kick that was previously the first stage of Purifying Combination, but now only deals damage without the knockback. After striking an enemy with the Kick, the ability can immediately be recast to perform the Cross Step dodge as a followup. Cross Step now no longer grants a buff to auto-attacks, but instead the caster takes less damage during the animation, so it is used purely to dodge or reposition. In addition, Shock Wave’s range has been increased to strengthen it in its intended role of catching up to ranged opponents.

  • Cross Step (all War Gloves) has been reworked and is now called Fleet Footwork:
    • Kick enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing 50 physical damage
      • Cooldown: 2s
      • If the kick hits an enemy the ability can be reactivated for 2s to use Cross Step
    • Cross Step dodges behind the enemy
      • During the dodge animation all damage received is reduced by 40%
      • Cross Step Cooldown: 3s
  • Shock Wave (all War Gloves):
    • Range: 11m → 13m
  • Purifying Combo (Fists of Avalon):
    • Removed Roundhouse Kick (The ability now starts with Dive Kick)
    • Dive Kick:
      • Time knocked airborne: 0.86s → 1s
      • Cooldown: 20s → 15s
    • Purifying Punch:
      • Now also purges enemies before the hit
9 February 2022Lands Awakened Patch 5
  • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
    • Damage vs. Plate Armor: 450 → 380
  • 9 February 2022Lands Awakened Patch 5
    • Create Opening (War Gloves) now decreases magic resistances of target as well as physical resistances
    26 January 2022Lands Awakened Patch 4Post-update adjustments improved the gameplay of the new War Gloves weapon line, but in terms of effectiveness they were still not quite where they needed to be. Various aspects have therefore been further improved.

    Q-abilities with more utility like Dragon Leap and Shock Wave have been adjusted to encourage using only the first part of the ability for constant damage on a low cooldown. The second part of the ability should then be used deliberately, to commit to utility at the cost of a higher cooldown.

    Additionally, various E-abilities were improved. Spiked Gauntlets were intended as a threat to enemy tanks, but their damage was insufficient to threaten plate tanks. Their damage against plate has been increased significantly to excel as tank busters. Infernal Boulder’s secondary effect was changed to a stackable DoT that reduces Healing Received, better for eliminating single targets without direct one-shots. Its debuff stacking also clarifies to new players that the boulder can hit the same target multiple times. Aggressive Rush is now called Fatal Fury, and was reworked with a damage buff that ramps up with each normal attack, giving successive auto-attack hits more impact.

    • Resilience Penetration (all War Gloves):
      • 40% → 60%
    • Dragon Leap (all War Gloves):
      • Cooldown when first hit misses: 7s → 4s
      • Time window to activate Uppercut: 3s → 2s (makes it more attractive to keep using first hit to increase damage, and trigger longer cooldown when committing to Uppercut for additional CC)
      • Energy Cost: 4 → 3
    • Shock Wave (all War Gloves):
      • Cooldown for the first attack: 6s → 4s (using dash still triggers 6s cooldown)
      • Energy Cost: 5 → 4
    • Counter (all War Gloves):
      • Hit after Counter now knocks enemies airborne for 0.76s instead of 3m back
    • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers):
      • Close Range Damage Radius: 3m → 4m
      • Max Range Damage Radius: 5.5m → 6m
    • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
      • Damage vs Plate: 300 → 450
    • Hundred Striking Fists (Ursine Maulers):
      • Delayed Damage can no longer be reflected
    • Infernal Boulder (Hellfire Hands):
      • No longer applies Slow effect
      • Each hit instead applies DoT that ticks for 4s
      • Deals magic damage every second and Reduces Healing Received by 20% (stacks up to 3 times)
    • Earth Crusher (Ravenstrike Cestus): Knocking enemies airborne now makes them immune to being knocked airborne again by Earth Crusher for 1.5s
    • Aggressive Rush (Passive) is now Fatal Fury:
      • 3 Hit Attack Chain: Every normal Attack increases your Damage by 2% for 3s (stacks up to 9 times)
      • 2 Hit Attack Chain: Every normal Attack increases your Damage by 1.5% for 3s (stacks up to 12 times)
      • On max stacks, the buff can't be refreshed and will run out
    26 January 2022Lands Awakened Patch 4
  • Corrected default role for War Gloves to "offensive" – will select a defensive role only when used with plate armor (similar to Swords)
  • 13 December 2021Lands Awakened Patch 1Since War Gloves are an entirely new line that offers a lot of utility, outplay potential and combo setup, we wanted to make sure they don’t dominate the meta at launch and made sure that the kit has enough drawbacks. However it seems we were a bit overcautious, and while they seemed in a good place in test cases, they somewhat underperformed in various areas in the Albion live world. The following improvements have thus been implemented in Patch 1 to get War Gloves in a better place.
    • Base Stats (all War Gloves):
      • Now increase Max health by 50 (base value); for reference, this is the same amount of Max Health given by Swords and Axes
    • War Glove Auto-Attacks - 3 Hit Attack Chains:
      • Time factor of the third hit: 3 → 2 (this makes the third attack faster, but overall DPS stays the same)
      • Canceling the third auto-attack is now possible earlier, to enable more responsive repositioning and ability usage between attacks
    • Create Opening (all War Gloves):
      • Cooldown when using the second hit: 4s → 3s
    • Dragon Leap (all War Gloves):
      • Cooldown: 8s → 7s
      • Time window to activate Uppercut: 4s → 3s
      • Removed the delay until the second activation can be used, allowing instant recast after the first hit
    • Cross Step (all War Gloves):
      • Buff Duration: 6s → 8s
    • Shock Wave (all War Gloves):
      • Range: 10m → 11m
    • Triple Kick (all War Gloves):
      • Damage vs Players per hit: 30 → 37
    • Backhand Strike (all War Gloves):
      • The ability no longer requires an enemy target - instead, it can now be cast in a direction
      • The Strike hits all enemies in a 6m range in the cast direction, knocking them back and applying the full knockback effect (and corresponding damage) to all targets hit
    • Blazing Geyser (Brawler Gloves):
      • Cooldown: 20s → 15s
    • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers):
      • Inner Circle Damage: 242 → 264
      • Range: 12m → 15m
    • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
      • Damage vs Cloth Armor: 100 → 140
      • Damage vs Leather Armor: 200 → 240
      • Cooldown: 25s → 20s
    • Purifying Combination (Fists of Avalon):
      • First Attack Damage: 35 → 78
      • Third Attack Damage: 215 → 235
    • Aggressive Burst (Passive):
      • Normal Attacks needed to Activate: 16 → 11 (for 2-hit auto-attack chain War Gloves)
      • 3-hit auto-attack chain War Gloves are unchanged, because the 3-hit attack chain is now faster (see above)
    • Rushdown (Passive on all War Gloves):
      • Movement Speed Increase Duration: 1s → 2s
    24 November 2021Lands Awakened UpdateWar Gloves are an entirely new weapon line featuring three new base weapons, four artifact weapons, and fifteen new abilities, plus unique passives. They are melee-focused and offer damage, mobility, and control abilities along with limited ranged abilities. They are crafted in the Warrior's Forge and feature their own Combat and Crafting masteries on the Destiny Board.
    • Includes full Destiny Board trees: specializations, masteries, and Elite Levels (see below)
    • Receive a city crafting bonus in Caerleon
    • Artifact War Gloves are crafted via new Artifacts that drop in the open world or are made at the Artifact Foundry
    • Black Hands replaced with a new dagger, the Demonfang (see "Combat Balance Changes" below for details)
    12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2Avalonian Weapons are an entirely new line of Artifact Weapons and offhands, each with unique new abilities. They can be crafted with new Avalonian Artifacts, which can be obtained directly or forged from Avalonian Shards, which are dropped in Elite Dungeons and along the Roads of Avalon.
    12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2Added a display to several major UIs showing the estimated current Silver value of the items they contain. Affected UIs:
    • Inventory
    • Loot
    • Banks, Chests, Battlevaults
    • Hideout Recovery Tabs
    • Player Trading
    • Item details