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There are many common abbreviations and acronyms used within Albion Online. While the list below is not all inclusive, these are many of the common ones used in game.

Abbreviation/Acronym Meaning and Usage
AH Auction House (the same as the Market Place)
AoE Area of Effect refers to the abilities of some items that affect players/enemies in a determined area.
Ava Avalon/Avalonian or related to the Roads of Avalon.
BM Used in two different contexts: Battle Mount or Black Market
BW Bridgewatch
BZ Black Zone; the area also known as the Outlands and is accessible via the Realmgate
Cap Two Definitions: 1) verb - "To capture" i.e. Capturing a Monolith (the capture points) in a GvG or Arena fight

2) noun - "cap" as in a limit or ceil. i.e. Item Power Cap

CD Corrupted dungeon
Clap May refer to:
  • Large scale AoE damage
  • Defeating another player in PvP combat (usually 1v1)
DPS Damage Per Second
DG Dungeon, usually Solo Dungeon or Group Dungeon
FF Fame Farming
FS Fort Sterling
Gig Gigantify Potion
GL Guild Leaders
GM Refers to a Guild Master (which is the leader of a Guild) or a Game Master (which provides in-game assistance to players
GvG Guild versus Guild
HCE Hardcore Expedition
HG Hellgate
HO Hideout
IFrame "Invincibility Frame" which usually refers to an in-game item. These are moments of invincibility while using a particular spell or ability.
IP Item Power (the base measure for the power of the equipment)
LFG Looking for Group
LFM Looking for More. Usually preceding a role request with a quantity associated (example LF1M Tank means player has a group but needs 1 more Tank).
LP Learning Points
LYM Lymhurst
Meatball Magma Sphere
Meta Refers to the current "best" build that many players are currently using (this changes frequently) for certain aspects of the game. Mainly discussed with PvP activities
ML Martlock
MoC Master of Coin. A title and role/job in Guild operations
MOD Chat Moderator
MP Masterpiece (refers to the highest Quality items)
OW Refers to Open World for non-instanced combat
Rat A player who avoids PvP in Corrupted Dungeons or Hellgates with a specific equipment build to make them good at running away. Frowned upon in-game as it ruins PvP experiences.
SBI / SI Sandbox Interactive (the development team for Albion Online)
SC Siege Camp (also referred to as a War Camp)
SOB Staff of Balance
Tier x.x Refers to gear tier and enchantment level. Example: 4.3 is Tier 4 with enchantment level 3.
WC War Camp (also referred to as a Siege Camp)
WotW Well of the World (also referred to as WeWo)
WTB Want To Buy; typically used when a player is looking to purchase an item through Trading on public formums outside the Marketplace such as the trade chat channel.
WTS Want to Sell. Refers to Trading
WTT Want to Trade
ZvZ Zerg versus Zerg; refers to large group combat. Usually used in the sense of large GvG battles. The term Zerg likely references the "Zerg" race in the older game "Starcraft" where the Zerg faction's main strategy was using overwhelming numbers to win battles.