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The Albion Online Shop is the only approved place for players to purchase Gold and Premium time. The Shop is available in-game or via the official web site. When your purchase is complete and payment approved, you will receive notification in-game.

In-Game Access (Albion Online Store)

  • Select the icon in the top right of your screen labeled "Albion Store"
  • You will find three options: "Featured Offers", "Get Gold" and "Get Premium". Please note, Featured Offers may not display if there are no Featured Offers available.
  • When you select your purchase on the in-game Albion Store menu, you will receive notification that you are being directed to the Albion Online website to complete your purchase. Important note: if you select "Always", you will not receive the notification and will automatically be directed to the site.

Web Access (Albion Online Shop)

  • Navigate to the Albion Online Shop
  • Select the option for Gold or Premium
  • Select the item and amount you would like to purchase
  • (Optional) Select "Show More" if you would like additional details about the purchase
  • When you select your purchase, you will be directed to the payment page to complete your purchase