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How to contribute to the Wiki

We are pleased that you're interested in contributing to the wiki! Here's how you get started:

  • 1. Log-in to your account to edit pages on the wiki. Your login information is equal to the email and password you use on the forums and homepage.
  • 2. Not only would you be doing a great service to our community, but there is also a chance you will be rewarded for your efforts! Check out the latest raffles for wiki contributions here.
  • 3. Of course, remember to abide the wiki guidelines and maintain a standard for grammar and punctuation in your contributions, please!

Albion Online Wiki Guidelines

  • The official Forum Rules apply where applicable.
  • If you want to help with the Wiki the suggested place to start is reading the thread on the forums first.
  • Once you have done that, you can log in with your email address and password you use on the main website and on the forums to edit almost all pages on this Wiki.
  • If you have any questions, suggestions or other things you'd like to discuss, please do that in the forum thread or the #wiki-discussion channel on the official Discord.

Special Rules for Player Pages and Guild-Pages

Everyone can create a page about themselves on this Wiki. This includes Guild pages, written by players about Guilds and user pages where players write about them-self.

These follow a different rule-set than the rest of this Wiki and we would kindly ask you to read the rules below.

If your "User:" or Guild-page does not meet the requirements below, all content on the page will be deleted and your account will be banned from contributing to the Wiki.

⚠️ Guild Page Rules

  • The page name must start with the prefix “Guild: “ and be followed by the exact guild name as it is spelled in-game.
  • The start of the page must have a neutral and wiki-like first section, where readers can get a factual and neutral information snack about your Guild. Once we have a few examples, we will likely have a template in the future. (Here are some ideas that could be added to the first section: founding date, main timezone, main language, etc.)

🙈🙉🙊 The rest of the page can be designed as you like, but must follow the following rules:

  • No links (or images with links) to outside websites (Twitch / YouTube / Discord) are permitted
  • Only links to the forum (eg. your recruitment thread) or the official Albion website are allowed (eg. a guild spotlight or season news article) - the reason for this is that the Wiki has less moderation capacity than the forums and most of you have your thread already where you can show-off or promote content from other websites
  • The wiki page should not be your primary promotional or recruitment tool, but instead a way for you to formally put your Guild into the Albion universe for others to read and learn about, like in a history book or magazine article
  • The more background, history, stories or lore the page has, the better
  • It should be fun to read about how your guild came to be, what you do, what your idea or philosophy is, who your enemies are, who your friends are and especially: why that all happened
  • Any links that directly or indirectly make readers go into your recruitment funnel (forum thread -> Discord) must be kept to a minimum and should be at the very bottom of the page ; the readers are not primarily here to join your guild, but to learn about who you are and why you are who you are
  • All content must be written in English (however, if you want to submit an entry in your native language that is possible, but you have send it to and editor first so a SBI employee or moderator with that language capacity can approve it)
  • Sanctions, if you mess with other peoples pages are much higher than anywhere else in-game. The wiki is a friendly, respectful and informative place and not the place to run anti-competitor propaganda.
  • Go wild and crazy with your own story, but do not negatively talk down other guilds, players or alliances. Due to the limited amount of editors and mods we have to look at the content uploaded here, we have to be strict with sanctions. Again: The Wiki is a place to write down information, history, stories and lore about Albion and not the place to engage in inter-guild rivalries.
  • Be civil, be friendly, be informative.

It is highly appreciated. 🙏


We have also started a Styleguide page, where you will find common templates and design suggestions in regards to how pages should look like.

Useful Resources

If you are new to the whole Wiki-thing, it is pretty straight forward: everyone can contribute and everyone can edit everything, except for protected pages.

A few good articles on how Wikipedia approaches the community rules can be found here: