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The Alchemist's Lab can be used to craft potions.

Alchemy requires a wide variety of materials, from Herb Garden and Farm.

Favorite Food
Pork Omelette


Alchemist's Lab can craft:

Tier Result Requirement
2   Minor Healing Potion   Arcane Agaric
2   Minor Energy Potion   Arcane Agaric
3   Minor Gigantify Potion   Brightleaf Comfrey
3   Minor Resistance Potion   Brightleaf Comfrey
3   Minor Sticky Potion   Brightleaf Comfrey


Name Tier Cost
Novice Alchemist lab 2 25×   Rough Logs   Rough Stone 150×   Limestone Block
Journeyman Alchemist lab 3 50×   Rough Logs   Rough Stone 150×   Sandstone Block
Adept Alchemist lab 4 100×   Rough Logs 10×   Rough Stone 150×   Travertine Block
Expert Alchemist lab 5 200×   Rough Logs 20×   Rough Stone 150×   Granite Block
Master Alchemist lab 6 400×   Rough Logs 40×   Rough Stone 150×   Slate Block
Grandmaster Alchemist lab 7 800×   Rough Logs 80×   Rough Stone 150×   Basalt Block
Elder Alchemist lab 8 1600×   Rough Logs 160×   Rough Stone 150×   Marble Block


T2 Alchemist
T3 Alchemist
T4 Alchemist
T5 Alchemist
T6 Alchemist
T7 Alchemist
T8 Alchemist

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