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Anglia is the lowest level continent of the Outlands. It is accessible via the Martlock, Bridgewatch and Thetford realmgate to the following portal zones respectively: Roostcliff, Browngrass Meadow, Blencathra, Midgebite Fen, Deepwater Fen, Hanging Valley and Slickhag.

The Tier of mobs range from 4 to 6. Tier 4 to 8 resources can be gathered, the same as any other region of the Outlands. Enchantment chance ranges between 7% and 8%.


Anglia has 8 regions:


The following is a table of each zone and territory in Anglia along with some key information about each zone: (WIP)

Region Zone Name Tier Territories Realmgate Warcamp Castle Dungeon


Sepulcher Relic Locker Home & Farm Territory


Keilder Roostcliff 4 Roostcliff Hirst Yes Yes
Hare Grove 3 Yes


Hare Grove Meadow

Hare Grove Stead

Finch Grove Finch Grove Stead

Finch Grove Weald

Woodpecker Grove Woodpecker Glen

Woodpecker Stead

Ivydell 4 Ivydell Scarp

Ivydell Shaw

Gustdell Gustdell Cott

Gustdell Foss

Brackendell Brackendell Grange

Brackendell Coombe

Mossdell Mossdell Glen

Mossdell Burn

Blackthorn Forest 5 Blackthorn Wood Strath Yes


Charwood Forest 6 Charwood Forest Wyke Yes Yes
Dawlish Browngrass Meadow 4 Browngrass Meadow Burn Yes Yes
Hawkflight Well 3 Hawkflight Well Thorpe

Hawkflight Well Hirst

Brightripple Well Brightripple Well Tarn

Brightripple Well Thorpe

Seedscatter Well Seedscatter Well Burn

Seedscatter Well Weald

Cooldraft Cleft 4 Cooldraft Cleft Tarn

Cooldraft Cleft Cott


(solo & group)

Greengrass Cleft Greengrass Cleft Berg

Greengrass Cleft Stead



Screesides Trough 5 Screesides Trough Burn Yes


Charhide Steppe 6 Charhide Steppe Stead Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Respite Yes Yes