Arcane Essence

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Arcane Essence

  Arcane Essence is a crafting material that is used for various purposes, such as enchantment & transmutation.



Arcane Essence can be obtained by two methods:


Arcane Essence can be used to:

Arcane Essence recipe.pngEnchanted Potion.png

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2Added a display to several major UIs showing the estimated current Silver value of the items they contain. Affected UIs:
  • Inventory
  • Loot
  • Banks, Chests, Battlevaults
  • Hideout Recovery Tabs
  • Player Trading
  • Item details
20 March 2019Oberon Update - Oberon Update Hotfix #1, #2, and #3Runes, Souls & Relics
  • Drop chances for runes, souls and relics have been changed:
    • Every mob can now drop every Tier (T4 up to T8)
    • Ratio between Tiers is now 324/162/54/6/1 (T4/T5/T6/T7/T8)
    • Ratio between Types was changed from 100/10/1 to 9/3/1 (runes/souls/relics)

Artifact drops from Bosses

  • Ratio between artifact levels have been changed from 100/10/1 to 9/3/1
5 December 2018Nimue Patch #2
  • Mob Faction Crests can now be salvaged as intended
  • 27 September 2017Joseph Update
    • Essence drop rates (from essence mobs) adjusted to be balanced against craft/upgrade requirements of enchantable potions: T4 up, T5 about the same, T6 down, T7 up, T8 up
    • Existing essences have been renamed to "[tier] Faded Essence"; these can only be used to transmute into new essences at fairly low rates. This has been done because the old essence drop rates were not balanced against the new potion balancing, and given that they dropped from chests but had no use, there were substantial quantities stockpiled, and we need to reduce these stockpiles so they don't totally overwhelm the new balance.