Arcane Staffs

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Unlocking the Arcanist combat node in the Mage branch of the Destiny Board allows you to use the various weapons and abilities below.

Arcane Staff Weapons

Arcane staves do limited damage but have excellent utility. They can shield your allies, boost their damage, or cleanse them of stuns and other negative effects. In addition, they can purge an enemy's positive effects, increase damage done to them, or drain their energy.

Normal Weapons

Artifact Weapons

Artifact weapons require a special artifact item when crafting them, in addition to the normal refined resources. You can view the required artifacts on the Artifact page.

Rune Artifact

Soul Artifact

Relic Artifact

Skill Selection

You can only select one ability per slot (Q, W, E, and the passive P). The Q, W, and P slots are universal for all Arcane Staff weapons, while E abilities are unique for each weapon. Keep in mind that, at lower equipment tiers, Normal Weapons will have a more limited ability selection than Artifact Weapons.

Q Ability Slot

W Ability Slot

E Ability Slot

Each E Ability is unique to their respective weapon (as seen below) and does not need to be unlocked through leveling.

Passive Ability Slot