Arena Sigil

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Three (3) Arena Sigils are awarded when winning an Arena match. It is possible to acquire a total of nine (9) Arena Sigil every day, the equivalent of three wins.

Arena Sigils can be sold on a Marketplace or traded to Arena Master Joan for specific rewards.

Arena Master Joan

Arena Master Joan is located next to the Travel Planner in Caerleon. She trades rewards for Arena Sigils.

Item name Price
Arena Veteran's Eyepatch x 30
Arena Veteran's Circlet x 40
Arena Veteran's Cloak x 80
Arena Veteran's Boots x 40
Arena Veteran's Cape x 40
Arena Veteran's Small Banner x 60 + Adept's Cape x 1
Arena Veteran's Medium Banner x 300 + Master's Cape x 1
Arena Veteran's Large Banner x 1000 + Elder's Cape x 1
Modest Arena Display x 50
Grand Arena Display x 200 + Modest Arena Display x 1
Glorious Arena Display x 1000 + Glorious Arena Display x 1
Arena Veteran's Armored Horse x 300 + Expert's Armored Horse x 1
Arena Veteran's Armored Sabertooth x 2000 + Tame Swiftclaw x 1
Adept's Royal Sigil x 9
Expert's Royal Sigil x 9 or Adept's Royal Sigil x 2
Master's Royal Sigil x 9 or Expert's Royal Sigil x 2