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Ambox notice.png You can see what every armor piece looks like in-game on the Albion Armory page, courtesy of Community Manager Elsa.

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Armor composes the majority of equipment slots in Albion Online. Each piece of head, chest, and feet armor you wear grants access to activatable abilities for as long as you have it equipped.

Types of Armor

There are three types of armor:

Unlocking Armor

Players unlock new armor tiers by defeating enemies while wearing earlier tiers of that type of armor. For example, to unlock Journeyman Plate armor, the player must fight while wearing Novice Plate armor.


In Albion Online there are two types of damage, physical and magical. We will use PR to describe the physical resistance of the armor and MR to describe the magical resistance of the armor. The higher your PR, the less physical damage you take and the higher your MR, the less magical damage you take. Melee weapons and bows deal physical damage, while staffs deal magical damage. Material types are split up into three categories as well: cloth, leather, and plate. The material composition determines the armor's resistance ratios. For example: cloth armors will have a higher MR stat than PR, while plate armors will have a higher PR stat than MR. Leather armors are given a balanced PR & MR stat that is neither the best nor the worst.


The number of active abilities a player is allowed to pick from is based on the tier level of the piece of armor. In general, each piece of armor allows a player to select one active ability and one passive ability. Tier 2 armor only allows a player to choose from a single active ability while tier 4 armor allows a player to pick one active ability out of three or four options.