Beginner's Broadsword

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Beginner's Broadsword

Equipment Item
1.5 kg
Item value

General Information

The Beginner's Broadsword is the only Tier 1 weapon in the game. It is obtained by playing the Tutorial, crafting, or via the Market Place.

There are two options for the Q spell slot: Heroic Strike and Heroic Cleave

There are no options for the W spell slot

There are no options for the E spell slot

There are no options for the passive slot

The Beginner's Broadsword may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Beginner's Broadsword Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Beginner's Broadsword, players will need the following materials:

Tier Item Name Quantity
1.0 Rough Stone 6
Rough Logs 6


Beginner's Broadsword
Item Quality Tier Item Power Physical damage Resilience penetration Max Hit Points Hit Points Regeneration(Bonus) DPS
Normal 1.0 100 49 50% 53 5/s 49/s
Good 1.0 110 49 50% 53 5/s 49/s
Outstanding 1.0 120 49 50% 54 5/s 49/s
Excellent 1.0 150 51 50% 55 5/s 51/s
Masterpiece 1.0 200 53 50% 56 5/s 53/s

Additional Tiers of Swords

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