Elite Bonecrusher Earthmother

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General Information

Elite Bonecrusher Earthmother is a Tier 5 World boss mob with 227,044 Hit Points and 400 Energy located in Inis Mon

A Elite Bonecrusher Earthmother is aggressive and will fight upon sight

Elite Bonecrusher Earthmother is located inside an unrestricted PVP area

Elite Bonecrusher Earthmother Lore

Sometimes a giant is chosen to go through the rites and become the Earthmother. The title and relics convey both power and status. Afterward, she is no longer seen as a giant, rather as a manifestation of the earth, and worshipped by giant and druid alike. Her presence is always a good omen, heralding the arrival of healthy children, the end of disease, and an explosion of wildlife. In the past, the Earthmother has come to the aid of the Keepers' greatest heroes and will join battle herself if pressed, especially if there are demons present.

There are very few Earthmothers in the world but when one is killed or taken by old age, a new one is chosen from the ranks of the female giants.



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