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The Bonecrusher Earthmother is a world boss from the Keeper faction and can found in Inis Mon on the Royal Continent North East from Lymhurst


Sometimes a giant is chosen to go through the rites and become the Earthmother. The title and relics convey both power and status. Afterwards she is no longer seen as a giant, rather as a manifestation of the earth, and worshipped by giant and druid alike. Her presence is always a good omen, heralding the arrival of healthy children, the end of disease and an explosion of wildlife. In the past the Earthmother has come to the aid of the Keepers' greatest heroes, and will join battle herself if pressed, especially if there are demons present.

There are very few Earthmothers in the world but when one is killed or taken by old age, a new one is chosen from the ranks of the female giants.

General Information

The Earthmother is a one of a kind boss in Albion with no similar bosses or recurrences. It is the only world boss to be found in a yellow zone and close to a royal city. It has the most expensive unique item drop the Sacred Bone Marrow which is used to craft a Rageclaw. She also very desirable Keeper artifacts such as the Judicator line, making her a very lucrative world boss. While she is easy to defeat herself the Earthmother appearing also garners the attention of many people that normally don't attempt world bosses. This is because the yellow zone makes a great place to practice Zerg vs Zerg (ZvZ) fighting. Which can make securing this boss difficult.

Abilities and Spells

The Bonecrusher Earthmother has four abilities / spells.

Knockback - The Earthmother slams the ground knocking back and damaging everyone in the AOE.

Rock Throw - The Earthmother throws a large boulder at a single target damaging and stunning everyone in small area around the target.

Repeated Punches - The Earthmother repeatedly slams her fists down on one person continuously dealing damage to the target over the channel.

Aggro Change - After a short channel the Earthmother charges towards a new target and begins attacking them.

Strategy and Group Composition

The Earthmother is by far the easiest boss with only one high damage ability that only has the potential to kill 1 cloth user if they receive no heals. Since it is in a yellow and IP is softcapped there is no need to for high tier gear T6 or 5.1 will do fine.

Composition - You will want one tank running taunt to take back aggro of the aggro change ability. Incubus mace works best to increase damage done to the boss. You will need two healers so if one is stunned by Rock Throw the other can continue healing. Then multiple single target DPS ranged works best best melee is still viable.

Gear - The group will need 2 druid cowls so that the healers do not run out of mana. Cleric sandals to blink out of the aoe knockback (this ability does little damage but avoiding it lessens stress on the healers). Poisons for more damage to the boss.

Strategy - The easiest way to begin to clearing is to not clear at all. Take an ox plus skinner work boots, a chest with ambush (assassin jacket or any gathering chest piece), and a bloodletter. You want to enter the dungeon from the SW and get to the middle on the SW bridge as well. Run through the mobs on the ox. Once dismounted dash with the bloodletter twice when you are close to dying use ambush. Wait for dash to come up again and dash one more time then use skinner work boots. There is a spot in the center slightly south of the SW bridge that you will not aggro any mobs. Clear the mage and wildling to the NE of you and then the 3 mobs on the bridge you came across. Lastly the single mage N of the SW bridge. This will give the group plenty of room to do the boss. Have the tank pull the Earthmother down to the first mage you cleared and have the rest of the party stand west of the boss. Doing the boss you must stay spread so that the rock throw will not stun multiple people. Have the healers stand on opposite sides of the boss. Whenever the Earthmother aggro changes have the tank taunt it to regain aggro. Lastly focus heal anyone that is targeted by repeated punches.


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World Map

Worldmap Earthmother.png