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In the world of Albion, many challenging foes await unsuspecting adventurers around every corner. Especially strong enemies are often referred to as Bosses or Bossmobs.

Bosses are the strongest type of enemy you can encounter in Albion and they typically require special effort or a larger party of players to take them down. Multiple types of bosses exist and here will be a collection of links to these bosses. One thing to note is that most mobs exist in a normal, veteran and elite version and this also goes for bosses. Normal Bosses are easier than Veteran Bosses and the hardest of the Bossmobs are Elite Bosses.

All bosses have a certain ring around them, a veteran marker and a special avatar border to make them distinguishable.

  • Normal Bosses:
  • Veteran Bosses:
  • Elite Bosses:

Open-World Bosses

Sometimes referred to as Roaming Mob Bosses these can be found in almost all zones. These bosses are upgraded normal roaming mobs, and are intended for 1-2 players.

Open-World Raid Bosses

Open World Raid Bosses are different from normal Dungeon Bosses such as that that can be found in special boss zones. Open world bosses can be contested and fought over by players.

Open World Resource Bosses

Resource Bosses are bosses that spawn in resource concentrations and leave a large amount of harvest-able resources when killed. These are the elite versions of the Resource Mobs.

Dungeon Bosses

Dungeon Bosses can be found at the end of Dungeons. These bosses usually guard a Mob Chest and are designed for 1-5 players depending on the type of Dungeon.

Randomized Dungeon Bosses

Randomized Dungeon Bosses can only be found in Randomized Dungeons. These are much stronger than the normal Dungeon Bosses usually require a party of 3-6 players to defeat. After defeating the Dungeon Boss their Treasure Chest can be opened for valuable loot.

Keeper Bosses

Morgana Bosses

Undead Bosses

Heretic Bosses

Expedition Bosses

Expedition Bosses can only be found in Expedition and Hardcore Expeditions. Their strength varies depending on the expedition level.