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General Information

  • Cabbage is a Tier 5 crop grown by using Cabbage Seeds
  • Cabbage Seeds may be purchased from a personal island Farming Merchant for 10,000 Silver or from the Market Place
  • Cabbage Seeds may only be placed on a Farm
  • A maximum of 9 Cabbage Seeds may be placed on a Farm
  • To place Cabbage Seeds on a Farm, open inventory, click on the Seed, and from the top left of the Cabbage Seeds pop up, select "Place"
  • The grow time is 22 hours which is not impacted by Premium
  • Players may click on the seed to see the growth timer
  • All Crops reward 100 base fame when harvested
  • When watered, the Premium Bonus will provide +100% Crop Yield
  • Watering Bonus for Cabbage Seeds is +40% Seed Yield with a projected Seed Yield of 80%
  • Seeds do not need to be watered to produce Cabbage. No Seed Yield if a Cabbage is not watered
  • To water seeds, left-click on the planted seed, select Water
  • Once watered, the player will see the amount of Focus used to water the crop and the balance of Focus remaining displayed on their screen
  • To water daily, a player must use Focus. There is no other game mechanic to water crops
  • To cancel Cabbage Seeds growing, click on the plant on the Farm and select Destroy
  • Fully grown Cabbage that is ready to pick will reflect the graphic of a basket over the fully grown Cabbage
  • When a player picks a Cabbage, four pieces of information will display across the player's screen
    • Fame increase (if a player is Premium, there will also be a red crown indicating the number of Fame yielded by Premium)
    • Number of Cabbage (if a player is Premium, there will also be a red crown indicating the number of Cabbage yielded by Premium)
    • Seed Yield
    • Challenge Points gained (key symbol)

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