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General Information

  • To wear Cape, the appropriate node must be unlocked on the Destiny Board
  • Capes allow a player to increase their maximum energy and energy regeneration
  • Players must equip the Cape in order to benefit from the bonus


  • Based on Normal Item Quality
  • Capes have additional details and enchantments which may be viewed by clicking on the Item Name
Item NameTierItem PowerWeightMax EnergyEnergy RegenerationSpell
Novice's Cape23000.8 kg3.60.05 /s
Journeyman's Cape35001.1 kg6.60.08 /s
Adept's Bridgewatch Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sSandstorm
Adept's Caerleon Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /s
Adept's Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /s
Adept's Demon Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sOpening to Hell
Adept's Fisherman Backpack47001.7 kgFish Carrier
Adept's Fort Sterling Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sUntouchable
Adept's Harvester Backpack47001.7 kgFiber Carrier
Adept's Heretic Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sDevious Trap
Adept's Keeper Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sBerserk
Adept's Lymhurst Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sEnergy Reserve
Adept's Martlock Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sShield of Protection
Adept's Morgana Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sMark of the Raven
Adept's Skinner Backpack47001.7 kgHide Carrier
Adept's Thetford Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sChain Lightning
Adept's Undead Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sVanisher
Expert's Bridgewatch Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sSandstorm
Expert's Caerleon Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /s
Expert's Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /s
Expert's Demon Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sOpening to Hell
Expert's Fisherman Backpack58002.5 kgFish Carrier
Expert's Fort Sterling Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sUntouchable
Expert's Harvester Backpack58002.5 kgFiber Carrier
Expert's Heretic Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sDevious Trap
Expert's Keeper Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sBerserk
Expert's Lymhurst Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sEnergy Reserve
Expert's Martlock Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sShield of Protection
Expert's Morgana Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sMark of the Raven
Expert's Skinner Backpack58002.5 kgHide Carrier
Expert's Thetford Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sChain Lightning
Expert's Undead Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sVanisher
Master's Bridgewatch Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sSandstorm
Master's Caerleon Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /s
Master's Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /s
Master's Demon Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sOpening to Hell
Master's Fisherman Backpack69003.8 kgFish Carrier
Master's Fort Sterling Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sUntouchable
Master's Harvester Backpack69003.8 kgFiber Carrier
Master's Heretic Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sDevious Trap
Master's Keeper Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sBerserk
Master's Lymhurst Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sEnergy Reserve
Master's Martlock Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sShield of Protection
Master's Morgana Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sMark of the Raven
Master's Skinner Backpack69003.8 kgHide Carrier
Master's Thetford Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sChain Lightning
Master's Undead Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sVanisher
Grandmaster's Bridgewatch Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sSandstorm
Grandmaster's Caerleon Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /s
Grandmaster's Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /s
Grandmaster's Demon Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sOpening to Hell
Grandmaster's Fisherman Backpack71,0005.7 kgFish Carrier
Grandmaster's Fort Sterling Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sUntouchable
Grandmaster's Harvester Backpack71,0005.7 kgFiber Carrier
Grandmaster's Heretic Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sDevious Trap
Grandmaster's Keeper Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sBerserk
Grandmaster's Lymhurst Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sEnergy Reserve
Grandmaster's Martlock Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sShield of Protection
Grandmaster's Morgana Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sMark of the Raven
Grandmaster's Skinner Backpack71,0005.7 kgHide Carrier
Grandmaster's Thetford Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sChain Lightning
Grandmaster's Undead Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sVanisher
Elder's Bridgewatch Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sSandstorm
Elder's Caerleon Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /s
Elder's Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /s
Elder's Demon Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sOpening to Hell
Elder's Fisherman Backpack81,1008.5 kgFish Carrier
Elder's Fort Sterling Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sUntouchable
Elder's Harvester Backpack81,1008.5 kgFiber Carrier
Elder's Heretic Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sDevious Trap
Elder's Keeper Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sBerserk
Elder's Lymhurst Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sEnergy Reserve
Elder's Martlock Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sShield of Protection
Elder's Morgana Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sMark of the Raven
Elder's Skinner Backpack81,1008.5 kgHide Carrier
Elder's Thetford Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sChain Lightning
Elder's Undead Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sVanisher

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch RevisionPatch NamePatch Notes
20 February 2019136513Nimue Balance Patch (Patch #7)Capes
  • Heretic Cape
    • Root Duration: 4s → 6s
  • Keeper Cape
    • Health Threshold for activation: 60% → 70%
    • Cooldown: 100s → 80s (on 1300 IP)
  • Lymhurst Cape
    • Cooldown: 120s → 130s (on 1300 IP)
  • Martlock Cape
    • Cooldown: 140s → 160s (on 1300 IP)
    • Bonus Defense: 66.66% → 50%
  • Thetford Cape
    • Damage (80.44 → 92.00)
  • Undead Cape
    • Health Threshold for activation: 20% → 25%
9 January 2019133145Nimue Patch #5
  • Devious Trap (Heretic Cape) is no longer activated by mount F-slot spells
  • 13 December 2018132209Nimue Patch #3
      • Heretic Cape:
        • Cooldown 100 IP: 150.8s -> 110s
        • Cooldown 1300 IP: 110s -> 80s
        • Scales with Item Power
    21 November 2018130684Nimue UpdateNew Items: Mob Faction Capes

    All Mob Faction Capes have the same max energy and energy regeneration benefits as normal capes. Additionally, each has a unique ability which is automatically triggered by certain conditions and then goes on cooldown:

    • Devious Trap (Heretic Cape)
      • Condition: Activates when you cast a shoe slot spell
      • Effect: Drops a trap below your feet, which is activated once an enemy steps onto it. Roots and deals physical damage.
      • 100 IP = 110s
      • 1300 IP = 80s
      • Cooldown: scales with IP
    • Vanisher (Undead Cape)
      • Condition: Activates when you take damage and your health is below 20%.
      • Effect: Turns you invisible for 6s (you can still use abilities while invisible, but your damage and heal power are reduced by 50%)
      • Cooldown: scales with IP (100 IP = 164.3s, 1300 IP 120s)
    • Berserk (Keeper Cape)
      • Condition: Activates when your health drops below 60%
      • Effect: Increases your damage by 40% for 6s.
      • Cooldown: scales with IP (100 IP = 137.2s, 1300 IP = 100s)
    • Mark of the Raven (Morgana Cape)
      • Condition: Activates when you use an E-slot ability
      • Effect: Increases your cast- and attack speed by 50% for 8s.
      • Cooldown: scales with IP (100 IP = 150.8s, 1300 IP = 100s)
    • Opening to Hell (Demon Cape)
      • Condition: Activated by normal attack
      • Effect: Creates a 3m radius lava area below the enemy. Deals magic damage every 0.5s.
      • Cooldown: 60s
    21 November 2018130684Nimue UpdateMob Faction Capes: These capes are crafted using crests dropped by elite mobs, along with a regular cape and a City Heart resource. They offer unique passive spells to support various combat builds. For details of these capes, please see the "Combat Balance Changes and New Items" section below.
    15 August 2018124104Merlyn Patch #2Faction Capes
    • Martlock Cape:
      • Buff Duration: 3s -> 5s
    8 August 2018123575Merlyn Patch #1Capes
    • Lymhurst Cape:
      • Energy Regeneration per second: 5% -> 8%