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General Information

  • To wear Capes, the appropriate node must be unlocked on the Destiny Board
  • Capes allow a player to increase their maximum energy and energy regeneration
  • Players must equip the Capes in order to benefit from the bonus


  • Based on Normal Item Quality
  • Capes have additional details and enchantments which may be viewed by clicking on the Item Name
Item NameTierItem PowerWeightMax EnergyEnergy RegenerationSpell
Novice's Cape23000.8 kg3.60.05 /s
Journeyman's Cape35001.1 kg6.60.08 /s
Adept's Bridgewatch Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sSandstorm
Adept's Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /s
Adept's Demon Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sOpening to Hell
Adept's Fisherman Backpack47001.7 kgFish Carrier
Adept's Fort Sterling Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sUntouchable
Adept's Harvester Backpack47001.7 kgFiber Carrier
Adept's Heretic Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sDevious Trap
Adept's Keeper Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sBerserk
Adept's Lymhurst Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sEnergy Reserve
Adept's Martlock Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sShield of Protection
Adept's Morgana Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sMark of the Raven
Adept's Skinner Backpack47001.7 kgHide Carrier
Adept's Thetford Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sChain Lightning
Adept's Undead Cape47001.7 kg100.13 /sVanisher
Expert's Bridgewatch Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sSandstorm
Expert's Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /s
Expert's Demon Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sOpening to Hell
Expert's Fisherman Backpack58002.5 kgFish Carrier
Expert's Fort Sterling Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sUntouchable
Expert's Harvester Backpack58002.5 kgFiber Carrier
Expert's Heretic Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sDevious Trap
Expert's Keeper Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sBerserk
Expert's Lymhurst Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sEnergy Reserve
Expert's Martlock Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sShield of Protection
Expert's Morgana Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sMark of the Raven
Expert's Skinner Backpack58002.5 kgHide Carrier
Expert's Thetford Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sChain Lightning
Expert's Undead Cape58002.5 kg120.15 /sVanisher
Master's Bridgewatch Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sSandstorm
Master's Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /s
Master's Demon Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sOpening to Hell
Master's Fisherman Backpack69003.8 kgFish Carrier
Master's Fort Sterling Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sUntouchable
Master's Harvester Backpack69003.8 kgFiber Carrier
Master's Heretic Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sDevious Trap
Master's Keeper Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sBerserk
Master's Lymhurst Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sEnergy Reserve
Master's Martlock Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sShield of Protection
Master's Morgana Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sMark of the Raven
Master's Skinner Backpack69003.8 kgHide Carrier
Master's Thetford Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sChain Lightning
Master's Undead Cape69003.8 kg140.18 /sVanisher
Grandmaster's Bridgewatch Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sSandstorm
Grandmaster's Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /s
Grandmaster's Demon Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sOpening to Hell
Grandmaster's Fisherman Backpack71,0005.7 kgFish Carrier
Grandmaster's Fort Sterling Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sUntouchable
Grandmaster's Harvester Backpack71,0005.7 kgFiber Carrier
Grandmaster's Heretic Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sDevious Trap
Grandmaster's Keeper Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sBerserk
Grandmaster's Lymhurst Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sEnergy Reserve
Grandmaster's Martlock Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sShield of Protection
Grandmaster's Morgana Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sMark of the Raven
Grandmaster's Skinner Backpack71,0005.7 kgHide Carrier
Grandmaster's Thetford Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sChain Lightning
Grandmaster's Undead Cape71,0005.7 kg170.21 /sVanisher
Elder's Bridgewatch Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sSandstorm
Elder's Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /s
Elder's Demon Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sOpening to Hell
Elder's Fisherman Backpack81,1008.5 kgFish Carrier
Elder's Fort Sterling Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sUntouchable
Elder's Harvester Backpack81,1008.5 kgFiber Carrier
Elder's Heretic Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sDevious Trap
Elder's Keeper Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sBerserk
Elder's Lymhurst Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sEnergy Reserve
Elder's Martlock Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sShield of Protection
Elder's Morgana Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sMark of the Raven
Elder's Skinner Backpack81,1008.5 kgHide Carrier
Elder's Thetford Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sChain Lightning
Elder's Undead Cape81,1008.5 kg200.24 /sVanisher