Cear Ludyy

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Cear Ludyy is a highlands Region in northeastern Siluria in the Outlands. As such, all of the zones in Cear Ludyy are black zones.

Cear Ludyy can be accessed from Fort Sterling via a realmgate in Hardstone Quarry. The neighboring regions of Cear Ludyy are Pengwern to the west, Fidach to the south and Rheged to the southeast.

Points of Interest


Cear Ludyy is a Highlands type biome, therefore the primary resource is stone, the secondary resource is ore and the tertiary resource is wood.

The tier of the resource nodes range between 4 and 8. The Enchantment Chance of the nodes range between 9% and 13%.


Cear Ludyy has 10 zones. The Tier of the zones range between 4 and 7.

Zones of Cear Ludyy
Zone Name Mob Tier Resource Realmgate Neighbor
Tier Enchantment Chance Northeast Northwest Southeast Southwest
Carrock Fell 6 5-7 11% Steepstep Hill Tallrim Hill Crakehirst Pound Edgerock Skink
Crakehirst Pound 5 4-6 9% Goffers Quarry Carrock Fell Torrid Trough Dustwind Cleft
Edgerock Skink 7 6-8 13% Carrock Fell Badbury Bog
Eugen's Tor 5 4-6 9% Steepstep Hill Tallrim Hill
Goffers Quarry 4 4-6 9% Steepstep Hill Crakehirst Pound
Graven Hill 5 4-6 9% Hardstone Quarry Pen Clatch Vixen Quarry Creag Cunnard
Hardstone Quarry 4 4-6 9% Fort Sterling Tallrim Hill Graven Hill
Steepstep Hill 5 4-6 9% Eugen's Tor Goffers Quarry Carrock Fell
Tallrim Hill 5 4-6 9% Eugen's Tor Hardstone Quarry Carrock Fell Vixen Quarry
Vixen Quarry 4 4-6 9% Tallrim Hill Graven Hill