Challenge Points

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Challenge Points

ImageChallPoints.pngChallenge points are points earned for most PvE activities that also award fame such as defeating mobs, fishing and gathering. They are not awarded for any PvP activities and for crafting.

They are used towards progress of Adventurer's Challenges.

When earning challenge points you will see them on the in game screen along with fame and any silver or resources if the proper setting is enabled (key icon). Once a player has completed all challenges for daily, weekly and monthly they will no longer be earned until the next 21 hours. Completing daily only for example will still show more earned which contribute to weekly and/or monthly challenges.

Challenge Points are also included in Guild Challenge.

Way to Earn Challenge Points

Challenge Point Awarding Activities
Action Rewards Challenge Points? Amount Rewarded
Farming (Crops) Yes 15
Farming (Animals) Yes Varies by Tier
Gathering Yes Varies by Tier
Crafting No 0
Killing players No 0
Defeat Mobs Yes Varies by Tier