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Players are required to make at least one character to join the game. Players may have a maximum of three characters per account. Currently, in Albion Online, humans are the only available race. In addition to Character Name and Gender, the following features may be customized:

  • Face
  • Skin Color
  • Beard (for male characters only)
  • Hair Style
  • Hair Color
  • Underwear Style
  • Underwear Color

Players select their first avatar during character creation. Players may also choose and earn other avatars and borders in-game. The avatar border may be customized as well. There are limited edition custom borders, for example from the monthly challenges and from the season ranking of a guild.

In-game customization of a character allows players to tailor to their play style: Albion Online uses a classless character customization system, where the equipment a character equips determines the stats, spells, active, and passive abilities available. A character can switch roles by changing equipment or even make a build that is a hybrid of various roles, such as a spell caster wearing plate armor.

Characters may also equip decorative or cosmetic items. However most of the decorative or cosmetic items have no ability and a limited number of cosmetic items have non-fighting abilities such as Uncle Frost's Hat. Some of the decorative items are limited edition items (from special events), and some can be purchased at the vanity merchant with Gold.

Players have the option to skip the Tutorial. If you opt to skip the Tutorial, you cannot go back to the Tutorial again. If you would like to skip the Tutorial, you would uncheck the option "Play Tutorial" before you enter the game world.

If a player opts to skip the Tutorial, they are presented with the selection to choose their starting town: