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Currently in Albion Online, humans are the only available race.


Players can choose between male and female characters, customize the haircut, hair color, skin tone from dark to pale, and also underwear color and style. Players pick their first avatar during character creation and can choose and earn other avatars and borders in-game. The avatar border can be customized as well. There are limited edition custom borders, for example from the monthly challenges and from the season ranking of the guild.

In-game customization of a character allows players to tailor to their play style: Albion Online uses a classless character customization system, where the equipment a character equips determines the stats, spells, active, and passive abilities available. A character can switch roles by changing equipment or even make a build that is a hybrid of various roles, such as a spell caster wearing plate armor.

Characters can also equip decorative or cosmetic items. However most of the decorative or cosmetic items have no ability and a limited number of cosmetic items have non fighting abilities such as uncle frost's hat which has the let it snow ability. Some of the decorative items are limited edition items (from special events), and some can be purchased at the vanity merchant with gold.

The starting human location is randomly chosen between swamp, mountain, forest, hill and steppe landing.

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