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General Information

There are several kinds of chests in the game. They are:

  • Chest the item, used to store other items.
  • Chest the world object, interacted with to loot items
  • Chest the dungeon object, interacted with to loot items

Chest: Player Item

Chest: Player Items (referred to simply as "chest" in game) are items players can craft at the Toolmaker or purchase via the Marketplace. Once obtained they can be placed in Player and Guild Island buildings such as the Guild Hall and House.

Depending on the tier of the chest, the weight and slots available are changed. Higher tier chests offer more storage spaces as well as more weight storage.

Types of Chests

Chest Recipes

Tier 4.0 Chest Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Pine Planks 20
  Steel Bar 10
Produces 1 x   Adept's Chest
Tier 5.0 Chest Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Cedar Planks 20
  Titanium Steel Bar 10
Produces 1 x   Expert's Chest

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
14 September 2022Into the Fray Patch 6
  • Small Treasure Chests now open more quickly (5 min → 3 min)
  • The time they take to respawn has been adjusted accordingly
  • Treasure Chest loot distribution now puts less emphasis on Legendary Chests, with Regular Chest loot value instead increased by 20%. This will improve the average loot experience, but reduce the value spikes of Legendary Chests.
  • Halved chance for a large treasure chest to spawn but increased value accordingly
13 December 2021Lands Awakened Patch 1
  • Increased channel time required to open open-world treasure chests from 3 seconds to 5 seconds
12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
  • Keeper, Morgana and Undead Chests:
    • Health: +10%
    • Armor and Magic Resistance: +50%
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • World chest locations
    • Hourly chests now spawn at the center of treasure sites, which contain piles of silver as well as new lootable containers - some of which have interesting surprises in store
15 September 2017Launch Patch #5 Hotfix #1
  • Mob Chests
    • Reduced respawn time from ~2.5 hours to ~15 minutes
    • Reduced chest silver amounts by 25%