Chief Blaster

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Chief Blaster

Chief Blaster boss screenshot.png

The Chief Blaster is a Boss mob found in Heretic Faction Randomized Dungeons. Difficulty: Very Hard.


This boss's moveset comprises almost entirely of extremely dangerous landmines, and large slowing zones that blanket the area, with an occasional large knockback blast. The Chief Blaster is found in small rooms, which make avoiding his effects very challenging. He deals very little damage with his normal attacks compared to most bosses.

  • Landmines: Quickly throws a small mine at a player that stays on the floor for about 15 seconds. Stepping on it deals massive damage in a medium range around it, and knocks back anyone hit a short distance. This knockback can cause a player to activate additional mines already on the ground. Up to 5 mines can be on the floor at once.
  • Sticky Zone: Throws a medium area AoE that deals moderate damage on impact, but no damage afterward. Sticky Zones will persist on the ground for a very long time, slowing any player standing in them. Overlapping Zones stack with each other, applying more severe slows. These Zones can also visually cover up mines that are already on the ground, and make it hard to see incoming AoE's, further adding to the fight's difficulty.
  • Big Boom: Fires a bomb at a large target area that explodes on impact. Any players hit take a large amount of damage and are knocked back to the edge of the explosion's area of effect. This knockback can cause a player to collide with and trigger nearby landmines.

Recommended Strategy

Due to the nature of the fight, the longer it goes on the harder it gets to avoid damage, and running into a single mine often means instant death. When fighting this boss, you should focus on

  1. Avoiding his landmines
  2. Bursting him down as quickly as possible

It is highly recommended to have only ranged damage dealers, as this makes it much easier to avoid mines while still dealing constant damage. Using Poison Potions is also highly recommended to shorten the fight as much as possible. If the tank is able to reliably avoid the mines, they can try to stick to a limited area to keep most of the mines concentrated together. This gives the other party members more breathing room to do what they need to do.