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Albion's Cities and Starter Towns

Cities and Starter Towns are safe, blue zones considered the social and financial hubs of Albion Online. There are 5 Royal Cities and a capital, Caerleon, making a total of 6 cities and 5 Starter Towns.

The Cities appear as level 1 zones while the Starter Towns appears as level 2 blue zones. Each Starter Town is two zones apart from a Royal City, meaning that a player will have to travel through one zone and two-zone entrances to reach a Royal City from a Starter Town or Starter Town from a Royal City. There is no fast travel between Starter Towns and Royal Cities, but there is fast travel among the Starter Towns and among the Cities. The five Royal Cities are based in the Royal Continent and they surround the capital, Caerleon. Each of the Royal Cities corresponds to a biome and they are:

Biome Royal City Corresponding Starter Town
Swamp Thetford Swamp Cross
Mountain Fort Sterling Mountain Cross
Forest Lymhurst Forest Cross
Steppe Bridgewatch Steppe Cross
Highland Martlock Highland Cross
Every Caerleon -

Unlike the Starter Towns, Cities can be claimed by guilds through GvG battles. Another difference between cities and starter towns is that by having the world map (M) opened a player can click on a Starter Town to check its local map, but that cannot be done with Cities

The Royal Cities

Even though there are certain differences, there are plenty of similarities among the Royal Cities:

  1. Each Royal City represents a Faction with different rewards and outpost bosses
  2. Each Royal City has:
  3. In each Royal cities there are the following NPCs:
  4. There's a Realmgate in each of the Royal Cities except Caerleon.
  5. Each of the Royal Cities has its own crafting and refining bonuses

Player-driven cities are bigger in size than the starter towns, and not without reason: players can buy a building plot and construct their own buildings. The mechanics to buy a building plot are explained in Oberon patch 4. There are 80 plots in each Royal City and people are always competing to get their hands on one. The main benefit of owning a plot and building in a city is the usage fee, which is how much other players have to pay to use the building. You can set an attractive price to be a business contender, but make sure it is worth the investment in the building! Alternatively, you can also just limit the building to your friends or guild with the access rights option.


Caerleon is the capital of the Royal Continent and retains some of the characteristics of the Royal Cities and some unique ones.

  1. Caerleon represents a Faction City and participates in the Faction Warfare
  2. Caerleon has:
    • a local Bank where players can deposit their goods
    • a local Market where players can exchange goods
    • a local Island Merchant
    • a unique Black Market
  3. In Caerleon there are the following NPCs:
  4. Caerleon's old Realmgate which is positioned in a different cluster, and is now inactive.
  5. Conquerors' Hall
  6. Caerleon Underground Entrance or Underway
  7. Caerleon crafting bonuses are foods, tools and potions.

The Capital is surrounded by red zones, making the way to Caerleon very dangerous, but also very rewarding. The fastest way to cross the Royal Continent is through this amazing city, and with its proximity to all biomes, it is the strongest economic hub of Albion.

Although Caerleon works as a normal player-driven city, having building plots, special NPCs and Merchants, it is certainly not the same as the other cities.