City Faction Capes

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City Faction capes are the first set of special capes that were introduced in Albion. They differ from the regular capes through their unique passive abilities and through their crafting recipes. Their max energy and energy regeneration stats are different from the normal capes of the same tier. City Faction Capes require a crest, a normal cape, and a heart to be crafted.

Image Name Spell Name Condition Effect Cooldown*
Martlock Cape Shield of Protection Activates when you take damage and your health is below 25% Increases your defense by 50% for 5 seconds 190-158s
Fort Sterling Cape Untouchable Automatically activates when you get stunned, silenced or rooted Removes any movement-impairing and debuff effects from you. (Doesn't remove damage over time spells.) 118-98s
Thetford Cape Chain Lightning Activated by normal attack Releases a Chain Lighting, dealing -233 magic damage to up to 4 enemies. 15s
Lymhurst Cape Energy Reserve Activates when you cast a spell and your energy drops below 40% Restores 8% energy per second for 10 seconds. 164-128s
Bridgewatch Cape Sandstorm Activated by normal attack. Creates a 4m radius sandstorm at the enemy position. Slows enemies by 50% and reduces their damage by 50%. 64-54.4s

*For most of the capes cooldowns may scale from 700ip to 1340ip. Where there's an interval the first number represents the number for the lowest ip (700) and the second number the highest ip (1340)