Cloth Robes

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General Information

  • To wear Cloth Robes, the appropriate node must be unlocked on the Destiny Board
  • The journey to unlock Tier 2 Cloth Robe begins in the Trainee Fighter node
  • To unlock Tier 3 Cloth Robe, the player will need to unlock the Journeyman Cloth Armor Fighter node
  • In order to unlock Tier 4 and higher Cloth Robes, the player will need to unlock the Cloth Robe Fighter node
  • Once the Cloth Robe Fighter node is unlocked, the player will determine which type of cloth robe they would like to unlock further
  • There are five different Cloth Robe types that may be unlocked on the Destiny Board: Scholar, Cleric, Mage, Royal and Artifact
  • Players may also craft a Royal Robe using Royal Sigils and the various tiers of Scholar Robes
  • Additionally, players will be able to craft Artifact Robes beginning at Tier 4 if they have the appropriate Artifact items


  • Based on Normal Item Quality
  • Robes have additional stats and enchantments which may be viewed by clicking on the Item Name
Item NameTierItem PowerArmorMagical ResistanceMax Hit PointsMax EnergyCC ResistanceEnergy Regeneration
Novice's Scholar Robe2300841041159460.11 /s
Journeyman's Scholar Robe35009511720317630.21 /s
Adept's Cleric Robe47009811930225790.32 /s
Adept's Cultist Robe47759411334229840.37 /s
Adept's Druid Robe472510813231527850.33 /s
Adept's Fiend Robe475010112232928840.35 /s
Adept's Mage Robe47008910830225760.32 /s
Adept's Robe of Purity48009511435631860.38 /s
Adept's Royal Robe47259912131527820.33 /s
Adept's Scholar Robe470010713030225820.32 /s
Expert's Cleric Robe580010412535631890.38 /s
Expert's Cultist Robe58759911939935940.43 /s
Expert's Druid Robe582511413937032950.4 /s
Expert's Fiend Robe585010712938533940.42 /s
Expert's Mage Robe58009511435631860.38 /s
Expert's Robe of Purity590010112141436970.45 /s
Expert's Royal Robe582510512737032920.4 /s
Expert's Scholar Robe580011313735631920.38 /s
Master's Cleric Robe6900110132414361000.45 /s
Master's Cultist Robe6975105125459411050.51 /s
Master's Druid Robe6925121146429381060.47 /s
Master's Fiend Robe6950113136444391050.49 /s
Master's Mage Robe690010112141436970.45 /s
Master's Robe of Purity61,000107127475421080.53 /s
Master's Royal Robe6925112134429381030.47 /s
Master's Scholar Robe6900119144414361030.45 /s
Grandmaster's Cleric Robe71,000116139475421110.53 /s
Grandmaster's Cultist Robe71,075112132523471160.59 /s
Grandmaster's Druid Robe71,025127153490441180.55 /s
Grandmaster's Fiend Robe71,050120143506451170.57 /s
Grandmaster's Mage Robe71,000107127475421080.53 /s
Grandmaster's Robe of Purity71,100113134539491190.61 /s
Grandmaster's Royal Robe71,025118141490441140.55 /s
Grandmaster's Scholar Robe71,000126151475421150.53 /s
Elder's Cleric Robe81,100123146539491230.61 /s
Elder's Cultist Robe81,175118139590541290.68 /s
Elder's Druid Robe81,125134161556511300.63 /s
Elder's Fiend Robe81,150126150573521290.65 /s
Elder's Mage Robe81,100113134539491190.61 /s
Elder's Robe of Purity81,200120141607561320.7 /s
Elder's Royal Robe81,125125148556511260.63 /s
Elder's Scholar Robe81,100133159539491270.61 /s