Conquerors' Challenge

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Reworked Guild Seasons: to shift the focus of Guild Seasons away from territorial control and toward player activity, their reward systems have been reworked and the Conquerors' Challenge introduced.

Conqueror's Challenge

  • Runs for the entire Guild Season.
  • Open to all players, guild-affiliated or not.

Conquerors' Challenge introduces two new reward systems, Might and Favor:


Allows progress towards personal seasonal challenge goals. Unlocks rewards such as battle mounts, fame boosts, and new seasonal avatars.

Earned via various activities with a risk of PvP, including:


Favor is earned in most cases where Might is earned.

This is a currency which can be used to purchase Siphoned Energy and reward chests.

Related Patch Notes

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Guild-affiliated players' activities additionally contribute to their guild's Might Level:

  • Each Guild Might Level completed awards Season Points.
  • Allows all players in a guild to contribute towards Season Points, while earning Might and Favor for themselves.
  • When a guild reaches a new bracket, members are in turn rewarded with:
    • Significant Might.
    • An additional bonus to Might earned during the rest of the season.

A Season Overview has been added to show:

  • Guild's current rank.
  • How Season Points were earned.
  • Which guild members contributed the most Might to each Might Level.
  • Which guild members earned the most Season Points via Crystal League.