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The Cook allows you to prepare meals using meat, vegetables, or animal products (eggs, milk...).

The meals can then be used to "feed" buildings, restoring their nutrition.

A building without nutrition cannot be used. Therefore, cooking is a major feature in the World Of Albion.

Favorite Food
Goose Pie

Building Upgrade Materials

Name Tier Cost Material 1 Cost Material 2 Cost Material 3
Novice Cook 2 Rough Logs 50 Rough Stone 5 Limestone Block 300
Journeyman Cook 3 Rough Logs 100 Rough Stone 10 Sandstone Block 300
Adept Cook 4 Rough Logs 200 Rough Stone 20 Travertine Block 300
Expert Cook 5 Rough Logs 400 Rough Stone 40 Granite Block 300
Master Cook 6 Rough Logs 800 Rough Stone 80 Slate Block 300
Grandmaster Cook 7 Rough Logs 1600 Rough Stone 160 Basalt Block 300
Elder Cook 8 Rough Logs 3200 Rough Stone 320 Marble Block 300


T2 Cook
T3 Cook
T4 Cook
T5 Cook
T6 Cook
T7 Cook
T8 Cook

Other Buildings

T2 COOK.png