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General Information

The Cook is a farming building

The Cook allows you to prepare meals using meat, vegetables, or animal products (eggs, milk)

The Cook's favorite dish is Goose Pie

The meals can then be used to "feed" buildings, restoring their nutrition.

The building itself may be demolished using the Demolish option in the building menu. Player receives a portion of the materials in return

Building Upgrade Materials

Name Tier Cost Material 1 Cost Material 2 Cost Material 3
Novice Cook 2 Rough Logs 50 Rough Stone 5 Limestone Block 300
Journeyman Cook 3 Rough Logs 100 Rough Stone 10 Sandstone Block 300
Adept Cook 4 Rough Logs 200 Rough Stone 20 Travertine Block 300
Expert Cook 5 Rough Logs 400 Rough Stone 40 Granite Block 300
Master Cook 6 Rough Logs 800 Rough Stone 80 Slate Block 300
Grandmaster Cook 7 Rough Logs 1600 Rough Stone 160 Basalt Block 300
Elder Cook 8 Rough Logs 3200 Rough Stone 320 Marble Block 300

Demolish Returns (Tier 8)

Quanity Item Name
5715 Rough Logs
572 Rough Stone
270 Limestone Block
270 Sandstone Block
270 Travertine Block
270 Granite Block
270 Slate Block
270 Basalt Block
270 Marble Block

Craftable Items - Tier 2 Cook

Misc. Salad Soup
Basic Fish Sauce Bean Salad Carrot Soup
Grilled Fish Seaweed Salad Greenmoor Clam Soup
Simple Fish Bait Shallowshore Squid Salad

Craftable Items - Upgrade Cook to Tier 3

Misc. Omelette Pie Roast Soup
Fancy Fish Sauce Avalonian Chicken Omelette Chicken Pie Roast Chicken Murkwater Clam Soup
Special Fish Sauce Chicken Omelette Upland Coldeye Pie Roasted Whitefog Snapper Wheat Soup
Fancy Fish Bait Lowriver Crab Omelette
Special Fish Bait

Craftable Items - Upgrade Cook to Tier 4

Misc. Salad Sandwich Stew
Bread Midwater Octopus Salad Avalonian Goat Sandwich Avalonian Goat Stew
Turnip Salad Goat Sandwich Goat Stew
Stonestream Lurcher Sandwich Greenriver Eel Stew

Craftable Items - Upgrade Cook to Tier 5

Omelette Pie Roast Soup
Avalonian Goose Omelette Goose Pie Roast Goose Blackbog Clam Soup
Drybrook Crab Omelette Mountain Blindeye Pie Roasted Clearhaze Snapper Cabbage Soup
Goose Omelette

Craftable Items - Upgrade Cook to Tier 6

Salad Sandwich Stew
Deepwater Kraken Salad Avalonian Mutton Sandwich Mutton Stew
Potato Salad Mutton Sandwich Redspring Eel Stew
Rushwater Lurcher Sandwich Avalonian Mutton Stew

Craftable Items - Upgrade Cook to Tier 7

Omelette Pie Roast
Avalonian Pork Omelette Frostpeak Deadeye Pie Roast Pork
Dusthole Crab Omelette Pork Pie Roasted Puremist Snapper
Pork Omelette

Craftable Items - Upgrade Cook to Tier 8

Sandwich Stew
Avalonian Beef Sandwich Avalonian Beef Stew
Beef Sandwich Beef Stew
Thunderfall Lurcher Sandwich Deadwater Eel Stew

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