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General Information

There are several different kinds of food and two primary uses for food; Nutrition and Player buff.

Nutrition: Nutrition is needed to maintain guild territories as well as crafting stations. If a guild territory runs out of food, you lose ownership of it. If a crafting building runs out of food, you will be unable to use it until more food is added. Nutrition is consumed when crafting at crafting stations and over time for guild territories. Every building has a favorite food and when you use this food on them, the nutrition is doubled.

Player buff: When a player consumes food, they are given a buff that lasts 30 minutes. The type and potency of the buff is determined by the type and tier of the food that is consumed.

Types of Foods

There are several kinds of foods that players can cook, each with a specific effect.

  • Omelette - Used to reduce Cooldown periods, Casting times, Energy Costs and increase Defense
  • Pie - Used to improve Gathering Yield, Load Capacity and CC Resistance
  • Salad - Used to increase Fishing Speed, Crafting Speed, and Crafting Quality
  • Sandwich - Used to increase maximum Health, Healing Received and CC Duration
  • Soup - Used to increase Health Regeneration and Energy Regeneration
  • Stew - Used to improve Combat Damage, Cooldown Reduction, and Health Regeneration
  • Roast - Used to heal you based on the damage dealt and increase maximum health