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Corrupted Dungeon Entrance
Corrupted Dungeon Entrance

Corrupted Dungeons

Corrupted Dungeons are single-player dungeons found throughout the open world. After choosing a difficulty level, players enter and begin cleansing corrupted creatures, which grant Infamy points. Players can also invade or be invaded, with the invaded player given a choice between fighting the invader or destroying demonic shards to banish them. Killing another player grants a portion of their Infamy; higher Infamy levels give access to higher-level dungeons and overall better rewards.


To find a Corrupted Dungeon, you’ll need to explore the open world and find a Corrupted Dungeon Entrance. These spawn like regular Solo Randomized Dungeons, but they look a good deal more sinister. For an example please see the image gallery.

What's Inside?

After choosing your difficulty level and entering the dungeon, you’ll find yourself in a place infested with demons and corrupted creatures. To complete the dungeon, you'll have to cleanse these creatures. Each creature slain will award Infamy points. Different enemies will yield different amounts of infamy based on their difficulty. However you will find three mini-bosses inside that give a large infamy bonus.

When you’ve collected enough Infamy points, the final boss in the dungeon appears. By defeating it, you can claim the loot rewards of the dungeon. In addition, the Infamy gained will remain with you, showing your place in the Infamy rankings as well as permanently boosting your rewards in Corrupted Dungeons.

Finally, at the end of a dungeon run, a portal to another Corrupted Dungeon appears and allows you to start another dungeon right away - or you can leave and take your loot back to the city.

How Does PvP Work?

In every corrupted dungeon there is a demonic shrine that players can use to sign themselves up to invade other players. Since Call to Arms Patch 9 players must use this shrine within 45 seconds of entering the dungeon for a chance to be an invader. Once a player has signed up, the game will regularly check for a potential invasion target to invade. If such a target is found, the invading player will be pulled from their dungeon into another player’s dungeon. There is also a chance, regardless of whether or not you take the demonic contract in the demonic shrine, that you will be invaded, becoming the defender.

The defending player now has two options. They can rally and fight the invader, or they can try to destroy the demonic shards which appeared in their dungeon along with the invader. If they succeed in destroying enough of these shards, the Invader is banished and the defender can continue playing their own dungeon. If either player kills the other, the victim loses some of their infamy, and the killer gains some of it. In addition a portion of the demonic loot of the loser's dungeon is also "dropped' on their corpse for the victor to claim. This allows players to gain very high infamy numbers and rise in the ranks for their own prominence - and for significant boosts to future dungeon rewards. Lastly, if the difficulty is slayer or stalker, then the victim's loot is subject to full loot conditions, and dropped on death. Otherwise, for hunter level they are kicked back into the overworld where they started with a durability penalty.

Invading Mechanics

  • To be an invader, you must take the contract from the demonic shrine at the beginning within 45 seconds
  • Anyone can be invaded at any time, except after the final boss has spawned in the dungeon.
  • Players with more infamy will be prioritized for selection. Meaning if you have high infamy, there is more of a chance that you will be invaded
  • Players can only invade another player once per dungeon.
  • Players may be invaded once per dungeon

Note: just before you get the "you sense an evil presence..." text (someone invaded your dungeon), the colors will change in your dungeon, it becomes much more orange than normal.

Special Features of Corrupted Dungeons

To add tactics and depth to these encounters, there are a number of special features players can use to try to outsmart their opponents:

NPC positions are marked on the mini-map, allowing you to guess your opponent's position based on the creatures they’ve already slain. Watcher demons will mark any player they encounter on the mini-map for their opponent to see. And last but not least, there are a large number of traps and hazards which you will need to avoid, or actively use to outsmart and defeat your opponent.

Difficulty levels

There are three different types of corrupted dungeons, which separate the difficulty of the mobs, the rewards, and type of PvP.

You can choose between these levels:

Difficulty Min Avg IP Required Min Infamy Required IP Cap Zones Dungeons Exist In PvP rules Mobs level
Infamy Hunter Icon.png Hunter 800 - 900 (Soft Cap - 10%) Safe zone.png Blue and Yellow zone.png Yellow Zone only knockdown t5
Infamy Stalker Icon.png Stalker 900 - 1000 (Soft Cap - 20%) Red zone.png Red and Black zone.png Black Zone full loot t6
Infamy Slayer Icon.png Slayer 1200 100k 1300 (Soft Cap - 50%) Red zone.png Red and Black zone.png Black Zone full loot t8

For each individual item, IP above soft cap value gets reduced by soft cap percentage. This means if you bring a 1100IP item to Stalker, the IP inside a corrupted dungeon will change for that individual item to 1020IP. For more information on how these IP caps work, see: Item Power Cap

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
21 September 2021Call to Arms Patch 10
  • When both players in a Corrupted Dungeon are knocked down, the get-up time is greatly reduced
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9
  • The Shrine at the dungeon start (registering for PvP) must now be activated within 45 seconds of entering the dungeon
  • All Cooldowns (including capes) are now reset at the start of an invasion
  • All Healing Cast inside the Corrupted Dungeon is now reduced more (10% → 20%)
  • Spike Traps: Hit area improved to fit the visuals more closely to better communicate their damage area
  • Demented Heretic Thief: Now consistently tries to slow the target at the start of combat
  • Slag Spewer: Now casts more frequently (Cooldown 5s → 3s), and the Magma Ball moves faster but has reduced damage (900 → 750) and knockback (5m → 2.5m)
  • Incendiary Fissure and Magma Mephit: The damage effect can no longer be cleansed while inside the lava
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9To address the "reset meta" (i.e. hit-and-run strategies where players run from fights indefinitely to reset cooldowns and switch abilities), a new mob has been introduced to Corrupted Dungeons. The goal is to still allow for a few disengages to change abilities, adjust tactics, and not have the fight narrowed to one single encounter, while also adding a penalty if players keep continuously resetting.

This mob only spawns into Corrupted Dungeons after an invasion has gone on for some time, as the intention is to improve the quality of PvP by avoiding prolonged fights, and not to interfere with players who attempt to escape immediately.

  • During an invasion, a new mob, the Corrupted Mephit, now spawns in every corridor and applies a stacking debuff to the first player passing it
  • Mob Spawn Conditions:
    • 180 seconds have passed since the invasion began on Slayer difficulty or 300 seconds on other difficulties, AND
    • one player has damaged another player
  • Mob Behavior:
    • Appears in every corridor
    • When a player enters the mob's aggro range, the mob attacks and applies one stack of the "Corruption" debuff, killing itself in the process
    • The mob can see invisible players
    • The buff is always applied, even when invincible
    • After 30 seconds, the mob respawns
    • Mobs that respawn can immediately aggro the closest player
    • If both players go 45 seconds without damaging each other, all these mobs temporarily despawn
    • As soon as one player damages another again, the mob respawn cycle restarts
  • Corruption Debuff:
    • Reduces Max Health by 1% per stack
    • Additionally slows by 1% per stack beginning with the 6th stack
    • Max Stacks: 25
    • Duration: the entire Invasion
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9
  • Zones must still be overcrowded for a minimum duration before they can be skipped, which resets regularly
  • However, if the zone becomes uncrowded for a brief time it no longer resets the counter
  • Also reduced personal cooldown for zone skipping: 125s → 60s
  • Overall, this should reduce wait times for zone skipping
  • 16 June 2021Call to Arms Patch 7 (Season 13 Patch)
    • When leaving any kind of dungeon, Hellgate, Corrupted Dungeon or Roads of Avalon Portal, the shield bubble now only has a 50m radius.
    • The longer-range shield bubble is now only given when passing through one of the main entrances to a zone.
    19 April 2021Call to Arms Patch 3
    • Logout times in non-lethal dungeons were reduced to match their corresponding open-world zones (10 seconds for blue, 60 seconds for yellow). Logout times for dungeons in red and black regions are not affected, and Faction Flagged players still take 60 seconds to log out in blue regions and dungeons.
    31 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
    • Using a new Randomized Dungeon Map now cancels your previous reservation
    17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
    • Reflected Damage is no longer affected by any Damage Modifiers, and the following Reflect Values of existing abilities have been adjusted to accommodate for this change:
      • Deflecting Spin: 80% → 100%
      • Parry Strike: 100% (unchanged)
      • Frost Shield: 10% → 15%
      • Inferno Shield: 30% → 38%
      • Protection of the Fiends: 50% (unchanged)
      • Retaliate: 70% (unchanged)
    • Reflecting True Damage will now cause the reflected damage to also act as true damage
    17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
    • Players can no longer be debuffed to the point where Healing Output is entirely nullified:
      • Minimum Value of Healing Received Bonus: -70%
      • Minimum Value of Healing Cast Bonus: -70%
    17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
    • Crowd Control durations of Malicious Imp, Demonic Predator and Demonic Slaver now have a set length instead of scaling with tiers, resulting in a shorter CC duration on higher tiers and little to no CC change on lower tiers
    • Demonic Harbinger now indicates visually if he starts to use Unrelenting Slaughter for more clarity in his behavior, particularly for builds with medium cast times
    • Adjusted Infernal Horror:
      • Increased duration of Liquid Fire from 12s to 18s
      • Tripled damage of Heatseeker
    17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
    • Instanced areas (i.e. Hideouts) and tunnel zones are now included in the queue functionality, meaning players can now skip overcrowded zones outside their Hideouts and can skip into tunnel zones
    • Cluster Skipping is now possible when relogging into an overcrowded cluster
    • The Smart Cluster Queue now also activates in all Royal Continent zones:
      • This change makes large-scale Faction Warfare battles possible on the Royal Continent
      • Each Faction counts as its own contingent
      • Cluster Access Priority settings do NOT impact Faction-flagged players
      • The queue assigns at least 50 spots per Faction, even if they are vastly outnumbered
      • 50 spots are also reserved for non-Faction-flagged players, to prevent Faction players from completely blocking zones for other players
    • Improved the UI for cluster skipping:
      • Now all available zones are immediately selectable
      • Opening the world map will no longer cancel cluster selection
      • The cluster selection screen now provides more info about the cluster:
        • Tier and danger level (i.e. red or yellow) of the target cluster
        • Distance to the selected cluster (i.e. how many zones will be jumped)
    3 March 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 15 (Season 12 Patch)The Fame buff in these locations now comes primarily from Elite mobs, and stacks incrementally (+1%) with each mob killed. World Bosses no longer give a flat 20% increase, though they still contribute to the Fame buff at the same 1% rate. Details:
    • Affected mobs: open-world Keeper, Morgana, and Undead Elite mobs and World Bosses
    • Each defeated mob gives a buff which increases PvE Fame (killing non-player enemies) by 1%
    • Buff is not increased by killing weaker mobs (Brittle Skeletons, etc.)
    • By repeatedly defeating mobs in the area, the buff can stack up to +50% bonus PvE Fame
    • Each stack is only granted to members of the party that kills the mob
    • Party members must be within 20m of the killed mob to receive the buff
    • Buff is lost on death or cluster change
    • World Bosses no longer give the 20% buff, but do still contribute to the stacking 1% buff
    • Buff is also granted by all Undead, Keeper and Morgana group mobs in non-instanced content (i.e. static dungeon locations in the open world)
    • Additional mob change: the lava puddle left behind upon death by the Elite Bound Molten Demon will no longer deal damage
    2 February 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 13 (Balance Patch)Consumable items that commonly collect in large stacks can now be used in a single click via the new Use All Button in the item UI.
    • Stacks of Silver Bags will be consumed instantly and grant you the full amount of Silver
    • Tomes of Insight and chests use a channeled spell, meaning the items are still consumed individually and the channel can be canceled at any point.
    • The following items now have a "Use All" option:
      • All Silver Bags
      • All Tomes of Insight
      • All Reward Chests (will display an additional window showing accumulated loot): Adventurer's Challenge Chests, Crystal League Chests, etc.
    13 January 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 12Corrupted Dungeons
    • Increased amount of rare and legendary loot chests appearing in Corrupted Dungeons, but reduced number of rare and legendary book chests accordingly
    • Decreased value of boss chests in Stalker and Slayer dungeons by 17.5%, but increased the percentage of boss loot received when killing another player from 50% to 100%. This change is intended to promote PvP in Corrupted Dungeons.
    13 January 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 12Smart Cluster Queue
    • Updated deactivation conditions: the queue can now be deactivated in the middle of an update cycle if player numbers allow
    • Players will no longer be able to skip overcrowded clusters within the first 2 minutes of queue activation
    10 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 11
  • Corrupted Dungeon traps now deal differing amounts of damage based on dungeon difficulty level
  • 10 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 11
    • Skip Overcrowded Cluster Cooldown: 30s → 125s
    16 November 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 9Demonic Harbinger abilities:
    • Decreased the damage dealt by Forceful Swing and Reckless Swing
    • Slightly reduced the damage dealt by Furious Outburst
    • Infernal Chains:
      • Cast time: 1.4 → 1.45

    Bewildered Heretic Brawler abilities:

    • Rip and Tear:
      • Cooldown: 8 → 9.5
    • Groundsmash:
      • Cast time: 1.3 → 1.4
      • Time between double attacks: 1.6 → 1.8

    Other mob changes:

    • Infernal Horror: Adjusted spell area to better match visual effects
    • Hellhound: Slightly reduced pursuit range
    • Demonic Warlock (Hunter Difficulty): Slightly reduced damage dealt
    16 November 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 9
  • AoE Escalation:
    • 2 Targets = 8% → 5%
    • 3 Targets = 16% → 10%
    • 4 Targets = 24% → 15%
    • 5 Targets = 32% → 20%
    • 6 Targets = 40% → 25%
    • 7 Targets = 40% → 30%
    • 8 Targets = 40% → 35%
    • 9+ Targets: remains at 40%
  • 21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1
    • Demonic Shards:
      • Shard health doubled on Slayer difficulty
    • Demonic Warlock Boss:
      • Rupture Firewall now inflicts slow instead of knockback
      • Phase change is more diverse; teleport circle is smaller
    • Demonic Underlord:
      • Rage bonus damage: 100% → 75%
      • Invincibility removed during Rage cast
    • Silence Hazard:
      • Effect area now starts small and grows over time
      • Outer ring removed; cloud now indicates affected area
    • Knockback Hazard:
      • Area duration: 0.7s → 0.2s
      • Now grants Infamy and Fame for any mobs killed
    • Heretic Thief:
      • "Fan of Knives" spell behavior improved when cast near walls
    • Demonic Slaver:
      • Slight size increase
    • The /suicide command is now unavailable during and just before an invasion
    21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1The following changes give players more control over how they set up armies for the queue. Player sorting is now done on a per-party level, meaning the system will attempt to keep existing parties together:
    • Party leaders can now assign a Party Cluster Access Priority for their party as well as for individual members in the Cluster Access Priority UI (accessed via the party leader's player context menu)
    • Priority Access determines the order in which parties will enter an overcrowded cluster
    • This gives alliances more control over which forces are moved into the cluster and keeps party structures intact
    • The Preferred Cluster Access Guild Right has been removed
    • The queue now moves players from a single contingent either in or out during a given cycle, so players of the same contingent no longer replace each other
    21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1New Disarray parameters ensure the ZvZ meta plays out in a similar way across a wide range of fight sizes, while still offering smaller groups protection from large armies:
    • Disarray is no longer a flat debuff
    • Instead, it reduces damage output and CC Duration when attacking targets with a lower Disarray level
    • Against targets with the same or higher Disarray level, Disarray has no impact on your stats
    • Damage reduction depends on the difference of Disarray levels between attacker and target - the higher the difference, the greater the effect
    • Increased Disarray player cap; debuff now caps at Level 50 for 450 players
    21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1
  • AoE Escalation:
    • Escalation now increases by 8% for each additional target hit and caps at 40% extra damage:
      • 2 Targets hit = 8%
      • 3 Targets hit = 16%
      • 4 Targets hit = 24%
      • 5 Targets hit = 32%
      • 6+ Targets hit = 40%
  • 23 September 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 5
    • Added changes to Demonic Shards in Corrupted Dungeons that were missing in the previous patch (Increased health of Demonic Shards in Corrupted Dungeons by +35% for Stalker difficulty and +66% for Slayer difficulty)
    9 September 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 4
    • The health of Demonic Shards in Stalker and Slayer difficulty Corrupted Dungeons has been increased:
      • Stalker: approx. 35% increase
      • Slayer: approx. 66% increase
    3 September 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 3
    • Increased the chance that a Corrupted Dungeon chest will be a loot chest rather than a book chest
    • Resolved an issue that caused all Corrupted Dungeon hidden treasures to spawn at Tier 6; their levels and rewards now match the tier of their chosen difficulty
    • Resolved an issue that caused hidden treasures with loot to spawn less often than those with Tomes of Insight
    3 September 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 3Silence Changes Players can now enter Corrupted Dungeons while under the effect of a Portal Shrine debuff. This change also allows spells that are usually allowed to be cast while silenced, like Cleanse or Iceblock, though doing so will remove invisibility but not silence.
    27 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 2
    • Updated Infamy loss/gain in PvP:
      • Infamy loss when killed: 20% → 10%
      • Infamy gained from killing another player: 10% → 8%
    • Added flat Infamy bonus to PvP wins which varies by difficulty level:
      • Hunter: 300 Infamy
      • Stalker: 1500 Infamy
      • Slayer: 6000 Infamy
    • Adjusted loot scaling based on the increased Infamy pool from these changes
    • Slayer dungeons now unlock at 100,000 Infamy, but this unlock is now permanent
    • Players who have already unlocked Slayer level once will have it permanently unlocked retroactively
    • Matchmaking system adjusted to maintain consistent invasion chance for PvE players while guaranteeing PvP players can find a match
    27 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 2Disarray (zerg debuff) curve is flattened further and now hard caps at 30% (150 or more players). Example values:
    • 50 Players: Disarray Strength 18%
    • 100 Players: Disarray Strength 28%
    • 150 Players: Disarray Strength: 30% (hard cap)
    19 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 1
  • Corrupted Dungeons and Hellgates now allow swapping of food and potions
  • A minimum distance is now enforced between the owner of a dungeon and an invader's chosen spawn location
  • Hunter difficulty IP hardcap has been changed to a softcap (10% effective IP over 900) as intended
  • Decreased HP of Bewildered Heretic Brawler over all tiers by 7%:
    • Tier 5: 1519 → 1413
    • Tier 6: 1806 → 1680
    • Tier 7: 2253 → 2097
  • 12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
    • AoE Escalation max bonus: 100% → 70%
    • Maximum Ability Damage Increase from buffs: +150% → +100%
    12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2Corrupted Dungeons are new single-player dungeons found throughout the open world. After choosing a difficulty level, players enter and begin cleansing corrupted creatures, which grant Infamy points. Players can also invade or be invaded, with the invaded player given a choice between fighting the invader or destroying demonic shards to banish them. Killing another player grants a portion of their Infamy; higher Infamy levels give access to higher-level dungeons and overall better rewards.
    12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
    • Solo Randomized Dungeon entrance appearance has been updated to the cave-like entryway used in Corrupted Dungeons.
    • Solo Randomized Dungeons in red and black zones now behave like those in blue and yellow zones, and will close a set amount of time after the last person enters.
    • Solo Randomized Dungeons in red and black zones will still take longer to close than those in yellow and blue zones (90 seconds vs. 60 seconds).
    • Elite Dungeon mob changes:
      • Tainted Shadows killed too far away from the Priestess will now heal her instead of damaging her
      • Tainted Shadow move speed: 7.5 m/s → 5.5 m/s
      • Tainted Shadow attack damage: -50%
      • Tainted Shadow crowd control resistance: -50%
    • As always, a dungeon's type can be determined by the color of its glow:
      • Solo: Green
      • Group: Blue
      • Corrupted: Red/orange
      • Elite (Avalonian): White
    22 June 2020Queen Patch 14 and Hotfix 14.1, 14.2, 14.3Healing Sickness (2 sources of Healing)
    • The penalty for receiving Healing from 2 sources has been increased:
      • Reduction in Healing Received: 30% → 35.3%
    4 June 2020Queen Patch 13 and Hotfix 13.1Players waiting to enter a cluster via the Smart Cluster Queue now also add to the total Disarray headcount in the cluster for which they are queueing. For example:
    • Alliance X has 100 players in Cluster A
    • Alliance X also has 80 players in Cluster B, 50 of whom are waiting to enter Cluster A via the Smart Cluster Queue
    • All Alliance X players in Cluster A would receive a Disarray debuff based on 150 players (100 in cluster + 50 in queue)
    • All Alliance X players in Cluster B would receive a Disarray debuff based only on the 80 players in the cluster
    4 June 2020Queen Patch 13 and Hotfix 13.1Additionally, the effects of Disarray, AKA the zerg debuff, no longer accelerate as quickly with higher player numbers. The new debuff thresholds can be seen in the chart below.

    As a reminder, the following 3 attributes are affected by the debuff:

    • Bonus Damage vs. Players
    • CC Duration vs. Players
    • Received Healing
    4 June 2020Queen Patch 13 and Hotfix 13.1When a player enters a Solo Randomized Dungeon in a blue or yellow zone and no other player uses the portal in a certain time, the entry portal will disappear while the player is still inside the dungeon. Players already inside the dungeon can remain inside and can use the exit or A-ability to leave, but no new players will be able to enter. Once a given entry portal is removed, a new entry portal will spawn elsewhere in the world. This will increase the overall number of "fresh" dungeons in these zones, while still allowing players to run solo dungeons together and follow others into a dungeon within a reasonable time window.
    5 May 2020Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) and Hotfixes 11.1, 11.2, 11.3The following adjustments affect guilds and alliances that own 10 or more territories in the first case, and 20 or more in the second.

    Siphoned Energy Drain:

    The penalty still starts at 10 Territories, but now increases in increments of 3%:

    • 10 Territories - 3% less total Siphoned Energy
    • 11 Territories - 6% less total Siphoned Energy
    • 12 Territories - 9% less total Siphoned Energy, etc.

    Fame and Silver Penalty:

    The penalty now starts at 20 Territories and increases by 1% per additional territory:

    • 20 Territories - 1% reduction in Silver and Fame earned from open-world PvE and activities
    • 21 Territories - 2% Penalty
    • 22 Territories - 3% Penalty, etc.
    5 May 2020Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) and Hotfixes 11.1, 11.2, 11.3
  • Item durability loss now scales based on the number of players who attacked the victim. This change will only apply in areas where player vs player combat is lethal, and does not apply in the following cases:
    • When all players involved in the kill are faction flagged
    • During Crystal League Battles
    • In Hellgates
  • The chart below shows the increase in durability loss per additional attacker. (Note: items with durability loss are not destroyed, but are also not usable until they are repaired.)
  • 11 March 2020Queen Patch 7
    • All players within an alliance will receive reduced Silver and Fame income if the alliance holds 10 or more territories (excluding Castles and Castle Outposts)
    • This also applies to players in guilds without an alliance, if their guild holds 10 or more territories
    • This penalty applies to all Fame gained from gathering and PvE and all Silver gained from mob drops and downed players
    • This penalty starts at 1% with the 10th territory and increases by 1% per additional territory
    11 March 2020Queen Patch 7Following up on the community’s feedback, we have reworked the loot in randomized dungeon chests according to the following principles:
    • T6 chests have been largely reverted to the status that they had on Queen’s launch as these chests were very popular with the player base.
    • We have used the old T6 chest balancing as a baseline and set up T7 and T8 chests as strictly better versions of them.
    • T7 chests no longer contain T4 loot and have higher drop chances for T7 and T8 loot than T6 chests
    • T8 chests no longer contain T4 and T5 loot, and have much higher drop chances for T7 and T8 loot than T6 chests.
    We hope that these changes will significantly improve the loot experience in the game.
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6Introduced a feature that will delay players from leaving a Hideout set as "Home" after respawning there multiple times. The effect has a 10-minute cooldown, meaning after 10 minutes without dying and respawning in a Hideout the counter returns to zero.

    Time penalties:

    • First Respawn: no penalty
    • Second Respawn: 30 seconds
    • Third Respawn: 60 seconds
    • Fourth Respawn: 120 seconds
    • Fifth Respawn or more: 240 seconds
    This is intended to prevent overuse of repeated-suicide defense strategies when defending Hideouts.
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6
    • Patch 5 introduced a 3-day cooldown for leaving and rejoining the same alliance. (This existed alongside the 7-day cooldown on joining a new alliance that was already in the game.)
    • With today's patch, the duration of this cooldown has been updated:
      • Alliance Rejoin Cooldown: 3 Days → 7 Days
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6Items without a durability stat will no longer be destroyed upon knockdown.

    Previously, the following behavior occurred:

    • Items with durability: 5% durability loss
    • Items without durability: 10% destruction chance

    After Patch 6:

    • Items with durability: 5% durability loss (no change)
    • Items without durability: immune to destruction

    This change is intended to help introduce newer players to combat without item loss (i.e. in yellow zones), and to avoid situations where players were confused about what happened to items. It should also improve the overall loot experience in Elite Dungeons, where a large percent of loot was previously destroyed by being knocked down repeatedly.

    Item destruction rate and durability loss rate upon death (killed by another player, suicide, etc.) are not affected by this change.
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6
    • Avalonian Artifacts:
      • All Avalonian boss chests now have a chance to give Avalonian Artifacts
      • Slightly lowered rate of Avalonian Artifacts received from final boss (Sir Bedivere)
      • Overall, this means that the drop rate of Avalonian Artifacts for any given dungeon will be approximately twice what it was before
    • Health and damage of all Avalonian enemies reduced by 14%
    26 February 2020Queen Patch 5
    • On average, the number of Black Market items a chest gives out should be the same for all tiers, but with an increased chance for higher-tier items in higher-tier chests
    • This change will reduce the drop chance for high tier items so that the overall value of the chest doesn't change
    • Additionally, loot lists were updated to reflect the changes done to artifacts and their decreased item value
    • This also affects loot from mobs
    26 February 2020Queen Patch 5
    • Minimum Item Power: 800 → 700
    • This reduces the Smart Cluster Queue's emphasis on high IP gear
    19 February 2020Queen Patch 4
    • The magic of the Avalonians now includes interior decorating, bringing new splendor to their dungeons in the form of various art, effect, audio, and terrain improvements
    19 February 2020Queen Patch 4
    • Elite Dungeons opened via Dungeon Maps now have their own marker to differentiate them from other dungeon types
    12 February 2020Queen Patch 3Items and Silver gained are now tracked separately in the combat log:
    • "Loot" channel now only displays items when picked up
    • New "Silver" channel created
    • Both can be enabled or disabled as desired
    ... further results