Crafting Capacity

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Crafting Capacity Notice

Crafting Capacity was introduced into Albion Online to prevent a single crafting station from gaining a local monopoly. This limiting crafting capacity means that you will have to either wait for the building to regenerate crafting ability, or find another building. In some cases, a lower tier building can simply be demolished then rebuilt but this is not a viable option for higher tier buildings. Most of the time you will not see a notice of capacity exhaustion but you will quickly recognize that regardless of how many items you have to refine, you wont be able to refine all of your inventory.

It is important to note that Crafting Capacity is specific to buildings, not the zones they are located within so if there is another building of the same type, then your best bet is to craft from another building until your preferred building has had some time to regenerate.

Upgrading a building will take some amount of Crafting Capacity (~50%)

Crafting Capacity Measurements

When you craft an item at a building, 50% of the item value of whatever you craft is deducted from the total crafting capacity. The capacity gets larger by a factor of ~1.73 per tier and will always have enough regeneration value to regenerate from empty to full in within 24 hours.

Methods of overcoming Crafting Capacity

  • Reconstruct the building (not recommended, but it works)
  • Wait for a period of time (not very useful when others are also using the building)
  • Find another building of the same type (this is the recommended option)