Crenellated Burdock Seed

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Crenellated Burdock Seeds can be planted in herb garden plots to grow Crenellated Burdock.

They can be bought for 7,500 silver from the Farming Merchant on an island or home territory or purchased through the market.

Item Information

Name Crenellated Burdock Seed
Description Placed in a Herb Garden - Crenelated Burdock Seeds are used to plant a patch of Crenellated Burdock.
Herbalist Level 1
Tier IV
Item Value 1,500
Weight 0.3kg
Grow Time 22h
Daily Watering Bonus +53% seed yield
Daily Watering Cost 1000 Focus
Space Required 36 m²
Seed Yield 73.33%
Cost to Place 0