Crescent Slash

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Crescent Slash

An active ability found on the third slot of Quarterstaffs.

It is unlocked at mastery level 1.

Crescent Slash
Energy Cost 51 Charges toward an area, dealing 256 damage to all enemies in a 6m radius on impact. Damaged enemies will also be slowed by 50% for 4.79s.
Cast Time instant
Range 15m
Cooldown 15s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power. Affected values are in bold.


Melee WeaponTier
Adept's Clarent Blade4
Expert's Double Bladed Staff5
Master's Double Bladed Staff6
Grandmaster's Double Bladed Staff7
Elder's Double Bladed Staff8

Ability Preview

Crescent Slash.gif

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
13 October 2021Call to Arms Patch 11As with the Weeping Repeater, Galatine Pairs were previously nerfed to mitigate the one-shot heavy meta. This has been reverted to make them a notable force in ZvZ again. Crescent Slash has not yet found widespread use since the recent rework. Since it had so many effect possibilities per stack, the additional value of each was set very low to balance this. This was probably too low, however, so the value of 2-stack and 3-stack effects has now been increased.
  • Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade):
    • 2 stacks - Silence Duration: 0.8s → 1.4s
    • 3 stacks - Additional Damage: 48 →  94
  • Soulless Stream (Galatine Pair):
    • 0 Stack Damage: 75 → 84
    • 1 Stack Damage: 119 → 134
    • 2 Stack Damage: 179 → 201
    • 3 Stack Damage: 254 → 285
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9Added four new icons to better represent the corresponding abilities:
  • Blood Bandit (One-Handed Axe, E-slot)
  • Protective Beam (Enigmatic Staff, E-slot)
  • Arcane Orb (One-Handed Arcane Staff, E-slot)
  • Ground Shaker (Maces, W-slot)