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A Crest is a token used to create Special Capes. There is a total of 10 types of Crests, each having five possible tiers. The first set of Crests ever introduced in Albion is City Faction Crests and they are purchasable for faction points. The second set of Crests introduced are the Mob Faction Crests and they are only obtainable through mob drops or by purchasing them from other players. The Mob Faction Crests have 50 Runes as their ingredient which means they can be salvaged for some runes at the Repair Station. However they cannot be crafted by players.

City Faction Crests

Each City Faction Crest is purchasable from the Faction NPC in each of the Royal Cities for Faction Points. For each of the five tiers the player needs to have a certain level of faction standing with the faction selling the specific Crest.

Mob Faction Crests