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A guild owning a resource territory, or any player party at the energy manipulator has the option of fighting in a Crystal Realm Battle.

Basic Rules

In these GvG battles:

  • Full loot is active except for level 1 battles.
  • The item power is soft capped, and each item power point above this threshold only counts 50%
  • The scoring mechanics are the same as in regular GvGs
  • The battle vault of the territory the team starts from is used


To Start the Match

  • Players have to join (queue) the match with a token in inventory, one token for each player
  • Players have to be in the cluster of the territory or energy manipulator they signed to to join the battle when the match starts.

Time Windows

Currently the system offers multiple time windows for lower level crystals, where higher levels have less options.

The 6 daily time slots are:

  • UTC 2 and 2:30
  • UTC 13 and 13:30
  • UTC 20 and 20:30
Token level Match frequency
Level 1 Daily
Level 2 Daily
Level 3 Daily
Level 4 Every two days
Level 5 Twice a week
Level 6 Once a week
Level 7 Every two weeks
Level 8 Once a month
Level 9 Once per season

Tower Level

Each of the resource territories will have a tower level going from 1 to 8.

Tower levels:

  • Will increase after a win in a Crystal Realm Battle
  • Will decrease after a loss in a Crystal Realm Battle
  • Remain the same after a draw in a Crystal Realm Battle
  • Will increase if the system cannot find an opponent for you

For every level a tower has, the guards, mages and zone enchantment bonuses are upgraded.

Season Points Per Win, Per player

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Maximum season point 1 5 25 75 200 500 1000 2500 5000
IP-Cap 900 900 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700
Purchaseable in city YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO NO

The Season Points will be sent directly to a team’s guild, while the Siphoned Energy can be looted along with other rewards at the end of the match.

Seasonal Point Multiplier

Season points from Crystal Realm Battles will also be influenced by the seasonal multiplier (doubled at the last month of a season).


Rewards will be given out at match end as follows:

  • The winner always receives 25% of the total possible rewards
  • 75% will be divided into 4 bonus loot lists and be given out based on the final tickets at match end

for example:

  • A 150:0 win will give 100% of the loot to the winner
  • A 1:0 win will give 62.5% (25+ 37.5) to the winner and 37.5% to the loser
  • A draw will give out only 75% total and divide it between both teams based on the final ticket
  • A team that signs up but cannot be matched will receive 25% of the total winner loot

Crystal Realm Battle rewards include:


  • The matchmaking system will attempt to match teams of the same tower level against each other and only match different tower level teams if there would otherwise be no fight at all
  • The system will also prevent Crystal Realm Battles between two teams of the same alliance


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