Curious Excavation

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The Curious Excavation loading screen.

Curious Excavation is a solo journeyman expedition and a safe zone. The expedition has a 1-hour time limit.



Ah, welcome <player>! Beyond this gate, you will find the Heretics - vile traitors who refuse to bow to our king. Even worse - they've begun to excavate ancient relics of Albion to study them. It is your task to stop them before they discover anything too dangerous... Hurry now! I will keep the portal open for as long as I can.


<poem> The overseer is dead. That should put an end to these 'studies'. Looks like you were up to the challenge after all... Here's your reward, now let us leave this rickety mine before it collapses. </poem>


Upon completion, the player will receive:

Daily bonus

Bonus received for the first completed expedition per day:

  • 1,000 silver


The following mobs can be found in this zone:



The following animals can be found in this zone: