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General Information

Destiny Board is your skill tree and progress guide through Albion Online

Players progress on the Destiny Board by gaining fame and/or using Learning Points

In addition to tracking your past progress, it illustrates what future activities you will have to complete to unlock more skills, wear stronger gear, or gather better resources

The default shortcut to open your Destiny Board is the B key. Players may also open the Destiny Board it by clicking on the small Destiny Board symbol

Players may track their progress on the Destiny Board with the tracker on the side of their screen

It is possible to master all areas of the Destiny Board on one character

Destiny Board Nodes

Players will complete nodes and start filling up the Destiny Board by repeating tasks depending on what you want to advance in

The requirements for unlocking something can be found by clicking directly on the node you want to complete

When a player reaches Tier 4, the fame requirements for the next level are split into two segments

The first segment is 20% of your total Fame, after this threshold you can spend learning points

The second segment is the remaining 80% to fulfill the total fame requirement. Players will have the option to either continue gaining Fame or skip the needed Fame by exchanging Learning Points for it

The Destiny Board rewards players more if they specialize in their profession via Masteries

After reaching Tier 4, players may gain Mastery for their item

Here is how Masteries work for each section:

Re-Spec and Auto-Respec

This feature will allow a player to transfer Mastery Levels from one combat node to another in exchange for Fame and Silver

Players use Fame Credits which is bound to the character

For more information see: Respecing