Direboar Piglet

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General Information

Tame Direboar are a tier 7 Farm Animal grown by using Direboar Piglet

  • Direboar Piglet is a rare drop from Dire Boar or from the Market Place
  • Direboar Piglet may only be placed on a Kennel
  • A maximum of 4 Direboar Piglet may be placed in a Kennel
  • Direboar Piglet require a farming level of Animal breeder 60 to place.
  • To place Direboar Piglet in a kennel, open inventory, click on the baby animal, and select "Place"
  • The grow time is 236 hours which is halved by Premium
  • Wild animals must also be fed Meat in order to grow.
  • All Animals reward 100 base fame per 44 grow hours when harvested
  • Direboar Piglet base baby yield is 0%
  • The Premium Bonus will provide 100% growth rate
  • To nurture daily, a player will use Focus it will add +4% Baby animal yield
  • To cancel Direboar Piglet growing, click on the animal on the Farm and select Destroy
Name Type Tier Placed on Farming level required Total breed duration Diet Cycles Nutrition max Nutrition point Base yield Nurture bonus (per day)
Direboar Piglet Farming animal T7 Kennel Animal Breeder - 60 236 Hours Meat 5 7,920 22s 0% +4%


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Drop Rate for Rare Animals

Rare animals are not available to buy from the Farming Merchant, ergo they can be only dropped from animals in Open World or the Marketplace. To see drop rate, go to Tame Animals.