Dragon Leap

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General Information

Dragon Leap
Energy Cost 11 Combine up to two abilities. The combo resets after 2s.

1st Dragon Leap: Dash towards the targeted position and kick all enemies, dealing 254 physical damage within a 2.5m radius. Hitting at least one enemy enables the next combo ability.

2nd Dragon Punch: Leap towards the targeted position. Deals 308 physical damage to all enemies within a 2.5m radius. Throws all enemies hit into the air for 0.5s.

Cast Time 0s
Range 1.5m-4.5m
Cooldown 4s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1100 item power. Spells with x/y values refer to 1h weapon/2h weapon values.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
26 January 2022Lands Awakened Patch 4Post-update adjustments improved the gameplay of the new War Gloves weapon line, but in terms of effectiveness they were still not quite where they needed to be. Various aspects have therefore been further improved.

Q-abilities with more utility like Dragon Leap and Shock Wave have been adjusted to encourage using only the first part of the ability for constant damage on a low cooldown. The second part of the ability should then be used deliberately, to commit to utility at the cost of a higher cooldown.

Additionally, various E-abilities were improved. Spiked Gauntlets were intended as a threat to enemy tanks, but their damage was insufficient to threaten plate tanks. Their damage against plate has been increased significantly to excel as tank busters. Infernal Boulder’s secondary effect was changed to a stackable DoT that reduces Healing Received, better for eliminating single targets without direct one-shots. Its debuff stacking also clarifies to new players that the boulder can hit the same target multiple times. Aggressive Rush is now called Fatal Fury, and was reworked with a damage buff that ramps up with each normal attack, giving successive auto-attack hits more impact.

  • Resilience Penetration (all War Gloves):
    • 40% → 60%
  • Dragon Leap (all War Gloves):
    • Cooldown when first hit misses: 7s → 4s
    • Time window to activate Uppercut: 3s → 2s (makes it more attractive to keep using first hit to increase damage, and trigger longer cooldown when committing to Uppercut for additional CC)
    • Energy Cost: 4 → 3
  • Shock Wave (all War Gloves):
    • Cooldown for the first attack: 6s → 4s (using dash still triggers 6s cooldown)
    • Energy Cost: 5 → 4
  • Counter (all War Gloves):
    • Hit after Counter now knocks enemies airborne for 0.76s instead of 3m back
  • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers):
    • Close Range Damage Radius: 3m → 4m
    • Max Range Damage Radius: 5.5m → 6m
  • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
    • Damage vs Plate: 300 → 450
  • Hundred Striking Fists (Ursine Maulers):
    • Delayed Damage can no longer be reflected
  • Infernal Boulder (Hellfire Hands):
    • No longer applies Slow effect
    • Each hit instead applies DoT that ticks for 4s
    • Deals magic damage every second and Reduces Healing Received by 20% (stacks up to 3 times)
  • Earth Crusher (Ravenstrike Cestus): Knocking enemies airborne now makes them immune to being knocked airborne again by Earth Crusher for 1.5s
  • Aggressive Rush (Passive) is now Fatal Fury:
    • 3 Hit Attack Chain: Every normal Attack increases your Damage by 2% for 3s (stacks up to 9 times)
    • 2 Hit Attack Chain: Every normal Attack increases your Damage by 1.5% for 3s (stacks up to 12 times)
    • On max stacks, the buff can't be refreshed and will run out
26 January 2022Lands Awakened Patch 4
  • Spell fixes:
    • Frost Bolt's slow effect now subject to Diminishing Returns
    • Fixed an issue where skillshots would travel in the wrong direction when aimed over deep chasms
    • Fixed an issue where Blazing Geyser did not damage targets with knockback immunity
    • Fixed an issue where each hit of Dragon Leap was multiplied by number of targets
    • Fixed an issue where Cleanse did not cancel the root effect of Disembowel
    • Divine Protection now displays the target range indicator
    • Fixed visual issues with super short dashes, e.g. in Spinning Blades spell
    • Deathward Climax (Boltcasters): now triggers mercenary jacket Bloodlust heal; Damage per tick increased but last tick removed, so overall damage remains unchanged
  • 13 December 2021Lands Awakened Patch 1Since War Gloves are an entirely new line that offers a lot of utility, outplay potential and combo setup, we wanted to make sure they don’t dominate the meta at launch and made sure that the kit has enough drawbacks. However it seems we were a bit overcautious, and while they seemed in a good place in test cases, they somewhat underperformed in various areas in the Albion live world. The following improvements have thus been implemented in Patch 1 to get War Gloves in a better place.
    • Base Stats (all War Gloves):
      • Now increase Max health by 50 (base value); for reference, this is the same amount of Max Health given by Swords and Axes
    • War Glove Auto-Attacks - 3 Hit Attack Chains:
      • Time factor of the third hit: 3 → 2 (this makes the third attack faster, but overall DPS stays the same)
      • Canceling the third auto-attack is now possible earlier, to enable more responsive repositioning and ability usage between attacks
    • Create Opening (all War Gloves):
      • Cooldown when using the second hit: 4s → 3s
    • Dragon Leap (all War Gloves):
      • Cooldown: 8s → 7s
      • Time window to activate Uppercut: 4s → 3s
      • Removed the delay until the second activation can be used, allowing instant recast after the first hit
    • Cross Step (all War Gloves):
      • Buff Duration: 6s → 8s
    • Shock Wave (all War Gloves):
      • Range: 10m → 11m
    • Triple Kick (all War Gloves):
      • Damage vs Players per hit: 30 → 37
    • Backhand Strike (all War Gloves):
      • The ability no longer requires an enemy target - instead, it can now be cast in a direction
      • The Strike hits all enemies in a 6m range in the cast direction, knocking them back and applying the full knockback effect (and corresponding damage) to all targets hit
    • Blazing Geyser (Brawler Gloves):
      • Cooldown: 20s → 15s
    • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers):
      • Inner Circle Damage: 242 → 264
      • Range: 12m → 15m
    • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
      • Damage vs Cloth Armor: 100 → 140
      • Damage vs Leather Armor: 200 → 240
      • Cooldown: 25s → 20s
    • Purifying Combination (Fists of Avalon):
      • First Attack Damage: 35 → 78
      • Third Attack Damage: 215 → 235
    • Aggressive Burst (Passive):
      • Normal Attacks needed to Activate: 16 → 11 (for 2-hit auto-attack chain War Gloves)
      • 3-hit auto-attack chain War Gloves are unchanged, because the 3-hit attack chain is now faster (see above)
    • Rushdown (Passive on all War Gloves):
      • Movement Speed Increase Duration: 1s → 2s
    28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9Added four new icons to better represent the corresponding abilities:
    • Blood Bandit (One-Handed Axe, E-slot)
    • Protective Beam (Enigmatic Staff, E-slot)
    • Arcane Orb (One-Handed Arcane Staff, E-slot)
    • Ground Shaker (Maces, W-slot)