Dragon Teasel

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General Information

Dragon Teasel are a tier 5 herb grown by using Dragon Teasel Seeds on a Herb Garden on a Player Island

Dragon Teasel may be purchased from the Market Place

Dragon Teasel requires Herbalist level 10 on the Destiny Board to be planted

All Herbs reward 100 base fame when harvested

The Premium Bonus will provide +100% Crop and +50% fame Yield

To gain a chance for seed return, use Focus to water the seeds

All Craftable Items can be created at the Alchemist's Lab

Craftable Items

Tier Item Name
4 Invisibility Potion
4 Major Poison Potion
5 Blackbog Clam Soup
5 Gigantify Potion
5 Mountain Blindeye Pie
5 Resistance Potion
5 Sticky Potion
6 Poison Potion

Other Crops and Herbs