Dual Swords

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General Information

Dual Swords are Normal Swords with a strong focus on AoE attacks with increasingly higher damage, and additional options for single-target damage, survivability and crowd control.

Dual Swords

Item Tier
Adept's Dual Swords 4
Expert's Dual Swords 5
Master's Dual Swords 6
Grandmaster's Dual Swords 7
Elder's Dual Swords 8

First Slot Abilities

Q Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Heroic Strike Deals 249 physical damage to an enemy and create a Heroic Charge on you.

Each Heroic Charge increases your move-and attack speed by 12% for 6s. (stacks up to 3 times)

5 Instant Melee 3s
Heroic Cleave Deals 194 physical damage to all enemies in a 6m radius around you.

Creates one Heroic Charge if you hit at least one enemy.

Creates two Heroic Charges if you hit three enemies or more.

11 Instant Melee 3s

Second Slot Abilities

W Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Interrupt Interrupts enemy spell casting, and deals 248 Physical damage. Additionally, for 5s, your normal attack damage is increased by 20% for each Heroic Charge on you (max of 3 stacks).
24 Instant 3m 10s
Iron Will Increases your move speed by 20%, makes you immune to purges and incoming damage is reduced by 25.926%, for 4s. Additionally, you gain a Heroic Charge stack upon activation.
27 Instant Self 20s
Hamstring Instantly slows the target enemy for 38% for 7.99s, and deals 192 Physical damage.
30 Instant Melee 10s
Splitting Slash Splits the earth in a straight line in front of you. Any enemy directly hit will receive 432 damage, and be rooted for 1.98s.
37 Instant 14m 15s
Parry Strike For 0.8s you become immune to damage and reflect all incoming damage back at the attacker. At the end of the channel, you hit all enemies in a 5m radius around you, dealing 262 physical damage.
9% Channeled Self 15s

Third Slot Ability

E Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Spinning Blades Jump to a ground target destination, and deal Physical damage to all enemies around you in a 5m radius, Against players on foot, an additional 6% of the enemy's max health will be dealt as true damage. The damage scales depending on the number of Heroic Charges active on you, and consumes all your Heroic Charges.

Zero Charges: 224 damage

One Charge: 359 damage

Two Charges: 539 damage

Three Charges: 763 damage

43 Instant 13m 20s

Passive Abilities

Passive Slot
Image Name Description
Deep Cuts Every 4 normal attacks, you inflict a bleeding effect on the enemy. This deals an additional 58 damage per second for 1.5s
Weakening Every normal attack reduces the targets damage and heal power by 4% for 2s
Heroic Fighting Every 4 normal attacks, you get a Heroic Charge
Increased Defence Every 5 normal attacks, your resistances are increased by 66 for 2s