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Dueling is a type of consensual one player versus one player combat.

Rules for a duel

  • A duel can be done in any location, including PvP restricted areas like Royal Cities or Islands
  • Both players have to agree to participate in the duel
  • Players must not leave the duel area, which is marked by a visible orange circle on the ground. When leaving the designated area, the duelist is warned to return to the fighting area. If they are out of the duel area for 10 seconds then the duel is forfeited, as well as any wager. This also applies if you leave before the starting 10 second counter.
  • Players can choose to select a wager for the duel. The loser pays the wager to the winner automatically once the duel is complete
  • When losing a duel, a player is knocked down. The player does not lose 10% durability on their gear, however

Engaging a duel

There are two ways to engage a duel:

  • Select a player, click on his portrait and select "Duel". The initiator will be asked to select a wager afterward. This wager value can be set to zero.
  • Use the chat command "/duel PLAYERNAME WAGER". If no wager is set, it defaults to 0.

Common Duel Terminology

  • CDs: This means cooldowns. When someone you're in a duel with says this, it is proper etiquette to wait until they are ready.
  • R: This means the opponent is communicating to you that they are Ready!

Testing, no fight: This means a player is testing their build or combo and doesn't want to duel as much as they want to test. If you see there is a wager when they call this, it is probably best to fight so you don't lose your silver.

No Reflect: Some builds that people run are hard countered by Reflect abilities. Some players will mention "No Reflect" When duel, as they want to see their damage potential against non-reflecting enemies

How to Avoid Scammers in Duels

You'll often find yourself being dueled for silver, and sometimes this comes from someone wearing no gear. It might seem like its a simple win, however, this is a common scam.

The way this scam works is through the mechanic that allows you to put on gear while in combat (or in a duel countdown). This means naked players -

(players not wearing gear) can put on gear before the fight begins and you're already locked to the duel.

With the above being said, it is best recommended to only duel people when they have their full set of gear on.

Dueling for money!

It is incredibly difficult to make a good amount of silver while dueling, however, if you stand around a bank in any city you'll see many players standing around

waiting to test their builds, usually, they're confident enough to accept a low-value duel, something around 10k to 35k silver. This can be beneficial to you if you

believe you can win the duel against this person.

The tough part here is that your opponent usually inspects you, as you should do to them. This can help them, and you, understand their opponent and see

if they can win or not against their build.

Dueling for money is not a normal way to earn your wealth, as not too many players feel comfortable wagering large sums of silver.