Dusthole Crab

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Dusthole Crab

Dusthole Crab
Common variant: Dusthole Crab is a tier 7 Rare Freshwater Fish. It can be crafted into Chopped Fish at a Journeyman Butcher. Combined with Bundle of Corn, Firetouched Mullein and Raw Pork at a Cook to create Dusthole Crab Omelette.

It can be fished from saltwater in tier V-VIII Steppe maps with a   Master's Fishing Rod (requires Trainee Gatherer unlocked in the Destiny Board).

Gathering Dusthole Crab counts toward leveling:

Consuming Dusthole Crab gives the  Dusthole Crab buff.

Travel Cost Modifier N/A
Weight 1kg
Nutrition 30
Item Power 300
Fame for fishing 450
Fame for consuming 225

*Fame values are for Premium accounts (100% base fame+ 50% Premium bonus fame)