Earthkeeper Chieftain

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General Information

The Earthkeeper Chieftain is a Boss found in the Randomized Dungeons introduced with the Oberon udpate. He can also be found in Randomized Solo Dungeons.

  • The Earthkeeper Chieftain is part of the Keeper Faction.
  • The Earthkeeper Chieftain usually guards an epic chest.



Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9The behavior of the Bandit Ringleader (Caerleon Faction boss) has been updated:
  • The boss now spawns a wave of support mobs four times per fight, once for every 20% reduction in his health
  • The number of spawned mobs is now more precisely based on the number of attackers, and maxes out at 6 spawned mobs when attacked by 15 or more players (where "attacking" means being on the boss's aggro list):
    • 1-4 attackers: 1 mob
    • 5-7 attackers: 2 mobs
    • 8-9 attackers: 3 mobs
    • 10-12 attackers: 4 mobs
    • 13-14 attackers: 5 mobs
    • 15+ attackers: 6 mobs
6 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 4 (Balance Patch)
  • Faction Warfare respawns now occur in batches to help rally respawning forces
    • As respawning now waits for the next available timeslot, base respawn times have been reduced from 24s to 16s, leaving average base times relatively unchanged
  • The Bandit Assault in the red zones now occurs more frequently, as well as more unpredictably, and no longer starts between 08:30 and 09:00 UTC
  • Added new Hotkey to open Faction Warfare UI (Default: Shift + F)
  • Faction Standing Upkeep is now shown in the Weekly Report
  • 19 April 2021Call to Arms Patch 3
    • Added popup notifications for when new milestones are reached during Faction Campaigns
    • The alert status of an Outpost now escalates after its boss has taken a significant amount of damage
    • Faction Warfare Boss Changes:
      • Champion of Lymhurst:
        • Cooldown of Barbed Arrow: 7s → 6s
        • Cooldown of Multishot: 9s → 8s
      • Champion of Thetford:
        • Cooldown of Meteor: 7s → 9s
    • In order to give Faction Ranks a more meaningful progression and increase the rewards for loyalty to a Faction, bonuses now begin increasing earlier, and increase more steadily throughout all ranks. This will provide an increase to most players, with only ranks 18-21 receiving a slight reduction:
      • Rank 1: 0% (unchanged)
      • Rank 2: 0% (unchanged)
      • Rank 3: 0% (unchanged)
      • Rank 4: 0% → 5%
      • Rank 5: 0% → 5%
      • Rank 6: 0% → 5%
      • Rank 7: 0% → 10%
      • Rank 8: 0% → 10%
      • Rank 9: 0% → 10%
      • Rank 10: 0% → 15%
      • Rank 11: 0% → 15%
      • Rank 12: 0% → 15%
      • Rank 13: 5% → 20%
      • Rank 14: 10% → 20%
      • Rank 15: 15% → 20%
      • Rank 16: 20% → 20%
      • Rank 17: 25% → 25%
      • Rank 18: 30% → 25%
      • Rank 19: 35% → 25%
      • Rank 20: 40% → 25%
      • Rank 21: 50% → 30%
    31 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
    • Significantly increased Faction Points awarded for PvP knockouts and kills
    31 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
    • Respawn time for Faction Outpost bosses: 90s → 30s (NPC respawns are still temporarily blocked if the outpost has recently been contested)
    31 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
    • Significantly improved the feedback when receiving Faction Points for both the combat log and overhead messages
    25 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 1
    • Reduced the amount of points awarded by killing or knocking out players in Faction Warfare to support points being sourced from other places. We will also be reducing the amount of points coming from PvE activities, but that will come in a later patch.
    • As Faction Warfare is primarily a resource-based system with limited quantities of points for players to fight over, the unexpectedly large number of players participating led to marginal gains for individual players. As such, we've significantly increased the points available in the system to better support the number of players participating, and will continue to keep an eye on point balancing in the coming weeks.
    • Reduced point requirements for Faction Warfare daily bonuses by 75% (effective immediately).
    • Reduced point requirements for Faction Warfare Campaign milestones by 50% (effective at the start of the next Faction Campaign on April 1).
    • Made changes to the rates at which bonus points are gained and lost, which should significantly increase the amount of bonus points received in the Weekly Report in some cases.
    17 March 2021Call to Arms UpdateCaerleon is now a playable sixth city in Faction Warfare. To match its identity as a hub of bandits and thieves, Caerleon Faction gameplay differs in several important ways:
    • In addition to engaging other Faction players, Caerleon-flagged players can also engage and be engaged by other Caerleon players
    • Caerleon offers 21 entirely unique Faction Ranks, and shares no ranks with the other cities
    • Caerleon players receive no defensive bonus for holding land
    • Caerleon players do not compete directly in the Bandit Assault (see next section), but can use the event as an opportunity to fight other Factions and retake Outposts for points
    • Caerleon has its own Faction Mounts, the Caerleon Greywolf and Caerleon Elite Greywolf (see Mounts section below)
    • Trade missions to and from Caerleon added
      • Rewards for trade missions that do not require going into fully lethal zones have been reduced accordingly
      • Trade mission boxes for all Factions will now always drop in PvP even if the defeated player was only knocked out
    • Caerleon has its own City Heart, Shadowheart, which can be used to craft a new Caerleon cape and the two Caerleon mounts, or converted into any other Faction’s Hearts at that Faction’s store
    • Caerleon Cape Ability:
      • Instantly resets your Q-slot ability approximately every 30s (actual cooldown scales with IP)
    25 March 2020Queen Patch 8With Queen Patch 8, players who are flagged hostile and players who are flagged for Faction Warfare can no longer attack each other in yellow zones. This is to prevent cases where a hostile player knocks down a faction-flagged player who is then executed by other faction-flagged players. Details:
    • More specifically, hostile and faction-flagged players in yellow zones are neutral to each other. This means they cannot cast any spells on each other, whether harmful or beneficial.
    • Faction-flagged players can still kill and be killed by other faction-flagged players in all zones, including blue and yellow.
    • Hostile players in yellow zones can still attack (and be attacked by) other non-faction-flagged players, whether they are flagged or not. Knockdown rules remain in effect for all combat in yellow zones.
    • Exception: Hostile and faction-flagged players can attack each other with knockdown rules in unrestricted PvP areas in yellow zones (such as the circled areas around treasure chests). These areas effectively remove the "neutral" status from all players, allowing combat between all players. As with all areas in the game, faction-flagged players can execute players flagged to other factions in these zones.