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General Information

Energy Cost - Every normal attack, you restore 4 energy.
Cast Time -
Range -
Cooldown -

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power.


Magic Weapon
Adept's Blazing Staff
Adept's Blight Staff
Adept's Brimstone Staff
Adept's Chillhowl
Adept's Cursed Skull
Adept's Cursed Staff
Adept's Damnation Staff
Adept's Dawnsong
Adept's Demonic Staff
Adept's Divine Staff
Adept's Druidic Staff
Adept's Fallen Staff
Adept's Fire Staff
Adept's Frost Staff
Adept's Glacial Staff
Adept's Great Cursed Staff
Adept's Great Fire Staff
Adept's Great Frost Staff
Adept's Great Holy Staff
Adept's Great Nature Staff
Adept's Hallowfall
Adept's Hoarfrost Staff
Adept's Holy Staff
Adept's Icicle Staff
Adept's Infernal Staff
Adept's Ironroot Staff
Adept's Lifecurse Staff
Adept's Lifetouch Staff
Adept's Nature Staff
Adept's Permafrost Prism
Adept's Rampant Staff
Adept's Redemption Staff
Adept's Shadowcaller
Adept's Wild Staff
Adept's Wildfire Staff
Elder's Blazing Staff
Elder's Blight Staff
Elder's Brimstone Staff
Elder's Chillhowl
Elder's Cursed Skull
Elder's Cursed Staff
Elder's Damnation Staff
Elder's Dawnsong
Elder's Demonic Staff
Elder's Divine Staff
Elder's Druidic Staff
Elder's Fallen Staff
Elder's Fire Staff
Elder's Frost Staff
Elder's Glacial Staff
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Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
5 July 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 11 and Hotfix 1, 2To increase the value of Arcane Orb’s effects, it now purges before the silence. This change makes sure the purging effect removes silence immunity buffs on the target before silencing.

Because the Void's Cleanse Logic rework in Patch 10 caused unintended side effects with other spells, it is reverted for now.

  • Arcane Orb (one-handed Arcane Staff):
    • Purge now triggers before the silence.
  • The Void (Malevolent Locus):
    • Reverted cleanse logic rework introduced in Patch 10 (i.e. CC effects and debuffs are no longer instantly removed, but cleansed in a fixed tick interval).
19 June 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 10Time Freeze's disruptive potential in large-scale fights has been addressed by increasing the immunity period between each freeze. This lets it remain a powerful tool at stopping single engagements, but makes it much weaker when trying to constantly cast Time Freeze into an enemy group as a distraction. Further, The Void's cleansing mechanism has been reworked to instantly remove any CC and debuff effects, negating the potential mini-stuns that briefly occurred between cleansing intervals. Ground-area CC effects like Sacred Ground still hit inside the area.
  • Time Freeze (Great Arcane)
    • Immunity to another Time Freeze vs Players: 5s → 11s
  • The Void (Malevolent Locus)
    • Reworked Cleanse logic inside the area; CC effects and debuff are now instantly removed when applied (preventing micro-stuns inside the area)