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Expeditions are instanced PvE areas, accessible from the cities in Albion.

There are three types:

  • Individual Expedition (Solo)
  • Sellsword Expedition (Group)
  • Hardcore Expedition (Group)
    • Commonly abbreviated HCE

What Are Solo and Group Expeditions?

Expeditions are instanced PvE missions which can be accessed through the Expedition Master NPC in cities. These expeditions are relatively short, with a successful run taking 20 to 30 minutes on average for group expeditions and 10-15min for solo expeditions. They are also considered fairly safe: In case you die, you will be transferred to the start of the expedition or your last reached checkpoint, without losing any gear, you will only lose durability on your equipment (5%).

Expeditions are available in two variants: solo and group. To queue for a groups expedition you need to find the Expedition Master NPC in a nearby city. Depending on your equipment, you will be automatically be assigned a role:

  • Defensive Your role is to tank, making sure the mobs and bosses of the expedition focus you.
    • To get this role, wear plate armor. It is also recommended to wear tank role weapon such as 1H Mace
  • Supportive Your role is to heal and shield your teammates, making sure everyone survives.
    • To get this role, your main weapon should be a healing staff (holy or nature) and its recommended to wear cloth armor.
  • Offensive Your role is to deal damage and kill the mobs while avoiding taking damage.
    • Most other weapon types and armor types fit into this category.

Once you have selected a group-size and tier difficulty, you will be teleported to an expedition, where you will be given a mission. When you are assigned to a specific role, you are locked to that specific role the whole duration of the expedition and other players can see your role as well. Complete the mission and a portal will appear to bring you back to the city you came from. You will have 60 minutes to complete solo expeditions and 120 minutes for group expeditions, failing to complete the mission will teleport you back to the city. Leaving an expedition prematurely will put you on a penalty timer before you can start another expedition.

Sigils: Special Expedition Rewards

Expeditions are ideal content if you are not quite ready to venture into the open world or if you are simply lacking the time. Not only will you earn silver and fame during the expedition (albeit less than in the open world), the first expedition of the day will give you additional fame and a Royal Sigil. Royal sigils can only be awarded once per day. The one time reward span across both group and solo expeditions, meaning if you do a T4 solo expedition, and then a T6 group, the T6 sigil will not be awarded. Therefore it is recommended to do the highest possible difficulty you can first, before attempting other expeditions.

These Royal Sigils, in combination with regular equipment parts, are used to craft royal armors. There are three different Royal equipment sets: Cloth, leather, and plate. Similarly to artifact items, they are unlocked through the combat-tree of the Destiny Board. Each royal equipment piece will also have its own unique spell, which makes for 9 unique spells.


Royal armors are special items which require an NPC drop. However, keep in mind that to craft them you need the normal player-crafted armors. Thus although sigils are theoretically an infinite drop, royal armors still do not harm the player-driven economy.

How to unlock higher tier expeditions?

Expeditions are divided by tiers, as are many parts in Albion Online. You can unlock new expeditions by killing creatures in the world of Albion, the more creatures you kill the higher your ‘Reaver’ tier will be. Similarly to the adventurer’s progression, reaver tiers are unlocked through the combat-tree of the Destiny Board.

If you want to host a Master’s expedition you need to be a Master’s Reaver and the needed ‘Average Item Power’.

List of Expeditions

There are two types of Expeditions, solo, and group with a total of 11 different environments.

Individual Expedition (Solo)

Sellsword Expedition (Group)

Hardcore Expeditions

Hardcore Expeditions are the more challenging variation of the normal expeditions. These are group only and require coordination and proper role execution to complete.

For new players, before attempting HCEs, please be mindful that even level 1 is not an entry level attempt. Recommended IP level for lvl 1 HCE is around 1200 IP, though many wait until 1300 for the important roles of tank and healer.

To join a hardcore expedition, players must first acquire a "Map" of Level 1 - 15. The higher the level the tougher the Hardcore expedition.

You can loot maps in the open world, or buy them at the auction house. The maps are in the "token" category, and the easiest way to search for one is to type "lvl. X" where X is the level of the map you're looking for.

It is worth noting that only one player needs to own a map. Once he creates his 5 man party, he can start the expedition from the same portal as the normal expeditions by selecting the third tab and putting the map in the slot. Then his party will all be prompted to enter.

Once inside, you will notice that you have a quest to complete (just like normal expeditions) and two timers.

If you finish the map before the first-timer, you will get a free map of one level higher for a random zone (e.g. finishing a level 1 Stone Wars might grant you a level l2 Lumber Lunacy or any other level l2).

When the second timer runs out, the whole party will be kicked out of the map and back to your expedition portal. even if you were mid-fight.

Finding a group

While a lot of people will run with friends and guildmates that they know and trust there are still a lot of players looking to create a group with other random players.

A lot of that will be facilitated via the LFG channel in the in-game chat. Most messages contain the following:

  • Is the player Looking For a Group (LFG) to join, or already has a group and owns a map and is Looking For a Member (LFM) to join them.
  • Your weapon, as it's key to creating a well-rounded group. Be aware that people tend to be picky about weapons and follow the "meta", so you might have trouble finding groups depending on your weapon.
  • Your global Item Power (which is the average of all of your items excluding the bag), which you can view from the stats at the left of the inventory menu.

This is just the best way that people who don't know you can get an approximation of how much you'll be able to contribute to the group. For safety's sake, people tend to request way higher IP than what they really need (for example people often look for 1300+ IP for t4 maps that you can easily complete with 1100-1200 IP)

  • Your weapon item power; since for healers and DPS, the weapon is really the main measure of what you contribute, if you have a much higher IP on your weapon than your average IP, it is worth mentioning it.

Pulls and skips

Due to the fact that maps have limited time to be completed, you will hear a lot about pulls and skips.


"pulls" refer to having a specific set of enemies attack you.

The tank will be the one taking care of pulling the right enemies to keep the number of enemies engaged manageable and squeeze past the groups that you don't need to complete the map.


In the same spirit of saving time, some maps (all of them when you get to higher levels) will require you to "skip" parts of it. It is achieved by using gear that allows you to become invisible or run through enemies.

The idea is that you will fight with your normal weapon and when the group decides to skip (usually the tank will be the one calling for it), you swap weapon, skip through enemies and go back to your normal gear to fight again.

There are two main variants for skip sets:

  • Specter shoes + royal cowl; where specter shoes allow you to go invisible over a long distance but use a lot of mana and royal cowl helps negate the mana cost
  • Leather skinning gathering boots (using Scent of the Wilderness); which allows you to run through enemies without getting attacked

And several optional variants can come and complement those :

  • Axe (any of them, usually the 1-handed axe alongside a Mistcaller); because activating its W gives you a speed boost which helps you skip further
  • Occult Staff with "Time Corridor"; as its speed boost serves a similar purpose as the axe
  • Bloodletter; Similar to the previous two, it allows the player to cover a lot of ground without taking much damage before starting your real skip
  • Assassin jacket, or any gathering gear chest with ambush; for an additional bit of distance via its invisibility. Most people will use this addition to the skip set.
  • Invisibility potion; which is expensive hence tend not to be used unless really pressed for time in high-level maps
  • Assassin hood; sometimes you need to skip twice in a row. If it's the case, you might want to use an assassin hood between both skips to refresh your cooldowns
  • Soldier helm, or any gathering gear helm with Block (only possible to use alongside the skinner skip set); since the Block spell helps you run through enemies for a bit before starting your real skip.

Map tiers

Some maps are harder to complete than others.

It might be because they're more punishing because they have harder groups that you need to kill because the boss is harder to kill or even because you have less time making it harder to get the bonus map.

This is rather subjective (some groups hate fistful of silver while other groups who come fully prepared will breeze through it) and depends a lot on the current state of the game (from time to time, the maps get reworked and become easier or harder). A good guide is the market price. If a map is cheap on the market, compared to other maps of the same level, it likely means that it is harder to complete.


A death in an HCE will:

  • Make you lose 5% durability on everything you're carrying. Not only what you have equipped but also what you carry in your inventory.
  • Make you lose effects like consumed foods.

You can then either wait to stand up (as in the open world) which gets you to keep your current food or press die and come back from the latest checkpoint that you activated by running past it.

Choosing to die and come back will make you lose any food you had ongoing, and grant you an invulnerability bubble that will last for 10 seconds or 10 meters.

Dying in HCE will never cause you to be looted and lose your gear.

Map Names and Guides

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch RevisionPatch NamePatch Notes
27 September 201798217Joseph Update
  • Expeditions
    • Two new group expeditions have been added at Tier 6, one battling the Undead and the other pitted against the Cultists of Morgana
    • The existing T5 group expeditions now also have solo versions
27 September 201798217Joseph Update
  • Expeditions:
    • Now have a gear cap dependent on tier, with the soft cap kicking in around one tier above the expedition's tier
    • Now have a cooldown:
      • After starting an expedition, you cannot join another one for ten minutes
      • This timer is reduced if you join an already-running expedition: the time the expedition has already been running is subtracted from the timer
      • This is done to improve the relative attractiveness of open world gameplay vs expedition, by reducing the maximum number of expeditions a player can run per hour; this will not fully balance things on its own but it's a step in the correct direction
27 September 201798217Joseph Update
  • Adjusted Heretic and expedition chests:
    • Solo expedition chest silver values increased by around 2x
    • Group expedition chest silver values increased by around 2.5x
    • Added equipment loot drops from the Black Market
    • Increased health values to around the same health range as a T2-T3 mob (300-500)